Scrap Sunday: Sunday Roast Left overs

Did you ever get a very useful advice that has changed your life?

A wise woman who happens to have a beautiful, clever, witty and kind hearted daughter (and a few other children) once gave me an incredibly helpful advice and I really try to live up to this wisdom. Well, maybe she did not think of it as advice, rather as a joyful story about her past. Anyway, apparently this wise woman used to put all those children’s tights and socks on one big pile to be mended in front of the fire on cold winter evenings. The pile grew bigger and bigger and so did the children. Until the waiting-to-be-mended tights did not fit anymore. As a good daughter I really try to follow this rule but today I broke it.

I wanted to mend my son’s trousers (hole on the knee) as we only have two warm ones, one with and one without hole. So, I offered him a good choice of beautiful and suitable fabrics for the patch. Which he all rejected. Not really to my surprise as he is notoriously rejecting everything I have ever made for him (Apart from literally one item. But I am not complaining. Really. He never asked me for all those silly dungarees, knitted jumpers or tiger costumes.)

Much later, when I had already given up on the idea I stumbled across another – probably less manly – fabric and showed it to him. I interpreted the lack of “yuk, disgusting” as a “yes please mother, I would be over the moon if you could mend my warm trousers with this beautiful fabric and I will be grateful for the rest of my life” and went for it. I cut out two manly footballs, appliqued them to the knees of the trousers (size 3y trousers are awfully tiny, in case you didn’t know it) and took a picture of a perfect left over project: left over trousers, left over fabric and left over food on the trousers.IMG_3128

A picture of the trousers covering a pair of legs would probably look better but I personally would not wait for that. I am already looking forward to tomorrow morning’s discussion in front of the wardrobe. And then we will just continue with our routine for the rest of the winter: Boy wears trousers without silly patches, comes home from nursery with incredibly dirty trousers, mum washes and dries them over night. Boy wears them again. Spring will come eventually.







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