Welcome back

It’s been a while, I know, and in fact, two of my readers have been complaining about my recent silence. Ok, they have mentioned that they haven’t received any new posts from me and I like to think that this was actually a complaint.

So, why have I been so quiet? Because I was really busy campaigning. My children were lucky enough to enjoy two respectively one year in the best nursery in the world (after having enjoyed good times at the connected children centre) and unfortunately it has been decided to basically destroy this amazing setting. Before I go on, you can have a look on my other blog which is badly looked after but at least it gives you some starting information, if you really want to know about it. Have I been able to change anything? Well, there was no chance to turn things completely aroundΒ  but hopefully we will be able to keep the memory up to bring it back when the wind has changed (and there are nationwide promises to increase the budget for early years).

At least, I have been able to annoy a few “decision makers” and make them work a bit to answer 6 pages of questions,Β  I have now a facebook account (threw overboard all my concerns, did it without reading the T&Cs, might have sold my children, who knows, got a lettre from 10 Downing Street (sounds exciting, content is really not worth mentioning), managed to have my picture at the same page as the queen in a local newspaper (cases not related obviously, but the article was so badly done that I have to look for something positive about it πŸ™‚ ) and my children are now proud owners of clip boards with important lists in it.

But back to the purpose of this blog: knitting and sewing. I have actually been busy as well, finished my Fashion course – I really only work under pressure, believe me the Easter holidays were all about getting that folder done – again, the children were impressed and have now folders too.


I made a baby blanket which got lost (or stolen) on its way to my new niece. I have finally accepted the loss and moved on, started my first square on baby blanket Nr2 yesterday.


I have been working on a few smaller projects, birthday presents from scrap yarn and fabric.

IMG_3464 IMG_3441

As all these things deserve their moment in the spot light I will be a good girl and write lots and lots of posts in the next few days. Or weeks. So watch this space πŸ™‚

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