Just a quick picture…

As I have gotten yet another complaint that I have missed 1 (ONE!!!) Scrap Sunday post, I would like to show you why I haven’t had the time to write a blog post last Sunday (apart from being on a lovely play date at the complainer’s house)

IMG_3799These are 12 yoga bags in the making plus one non-embarrassing mother-daughter bag combo. They are all in different stages (early ones), linings are not even cut out yet, no zips prepared and I am currently waiting for the special labels to be delivered. So that will all take a while.

And in case if you were wondering about the size of the table: It usually only gets extended to this size once a year to host the famous gingerbread baking party but luckily a clever little man suddenly remembered that this can be done (I guess he was fed up by the hysterically screaming woman as soon as moves a tiny bit during meal times. (I do normally give up half of the table for feeding but I am starting to wonder if the children aren’t old enough to eat out every night. And who needs breakfast anyway!)

Enough silly talking, back to work.




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