Progress update

I know, I know, it is Sunday and I am supposed to post about a project made from scraps. But not only do I have a long list of big, non scrappy, projects still to make in the next two weeks or so but I was also busy cleaning the house last week. Some might call it nesting, some might call it a perfect opportunity to get rid of dust mites and what they leave behind because we had an unexpected week of summer. Can you imagine, a whole week of sun (or at least no rain) and temperatures around 15 degrees and even higher! I can hardly remember more than 10 days this summer which were actually more summery than these 🙂

Anyway, I washed all the bedding, hovered, dusted, steam cleaned the carpets and there was just not enough time for preparing clever blog posts.

So let me just tick some of the boxes of my to do list:

  • birthday shirt for my 10 year old nephew, pattern from pattydoo, I didn’t realise that he had grown so much that mistakenly I thought my usual pattern wasn’t catering for his size anymore but luckily pattydoo has now a teen version too (I guess my nephew wasn’t the only child growing out of the children’s version). There is still a lot left over fabric as the fabric is very wide and those children don’t need the whole width. Especially if I am using a plain fabric for the sleeves 🙂 As you can see, the pictures are taken before ironing but you might also notice that the neckline is much neater than usually as I have added a little strip of fabric to hide the seam between hood and back neckline.IMG_3867 IMG_3868
  • T-shirt for my husband, requested and chosen by my children, also a pattydoo pattern, and in a very similar colour scheme. Luckily I produced a lot of left over fabric here too 🙂 as I stupidly bought the amount of fabric that was suggested for a shirt using the same fabric for sleeves and body. It is a supersoft jersey and I will definitely make good use of these  scraps. I don’t think I will ever be able to show you a picture of the shirt actually being worn – after all we are talking of the father of Mr No, thank you  🙂 (To be honest, it does not fit him very well, the sleeves are rather tight so it looks a bit odd in his size)IMG_3702
  • cardigan for my aunt: pattern from Filati Classici Nr 8, pattern nr 20. Yarn: Lana Grossa Alta Moda Super Baby Fine, buttons from a shop in Notting Hill, unfortunately plastic, looking like wooden ones. Process of making it was split in a few sections that took roughly the equal amounts of time: knitting most of it, apart from the tiny bit when I was running out of yarn, finishing the knitting, sewing the thing together and then buying buttons and actually sewing them on, which was clearly the hardest part and needed the most mental preparation IMG_3859 IMG_3861 IMG_3862
  • 98 knitted squares for two baby blankets, all made from Lana Grossa Cool Wool big, 100% merino. Squares for blanket nr 1 (on the right) are ready and even sort of blocked since ages, I finally started sewing them together yesterday.  IMG_3866

And finally a nice image  just because I had the opportunity to take a picture of four monkeys trying to escape their cage and it just looked like a perfect advert or something from an Atelier Oursonne catalogue as somehow they were wearing a lot of the stuff that I had made for them in the past 🙂20151003_130655

And finally (this time for real), I need to put myself a bit under pressure by publishing my plans for this week:

  • definitely finishing baby blanket no 1
  • definitely making the dolly carrier for my niece
  • maybe making the birthday jacket for my nephew
  • posting all of these by Friday

5 thoughts on “Progress update

  1. Next time when you have photo shooting I could casually ride my bike, so people could spot the wonderful waterproof seat cover and spotty bag.

    • Could you then please climb over the fence, too? I think that would be worth a picture.
      And just to clarify something: You do remember that that bag is not yours, don’t you? But I guess it is quite a compliment that you basically stole it from a poor 5 year old 🙂 …. or did you at least pay her?

  2. Hallo Ursula, bist du sicher dass die Woche genug Stunden für deine Projekte hat?
    lg Ulli😄

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