Welcome 2016

I did it. My new year’s resolution really is winding new skeins into neat balls before starting to knit, see:

Before :




In between :


Actually even better: my new year’s resolution is to get my yarn wound neatly rather than to wind it up neatly ☺

Projects for the new year?

Finishing the fingerless gloves.

Knitting another pair of fingerless gloves using that beautiful pictured silk from DyeForYarn .

Sewing a bunch of baby hats as gifts.

The Big Bib Project

Yarn bombing a tree – a community project where I will be in charge of the knitting workshop. I will write a proper post when I am back in London

Finally sewing that coat – I bought the fabric almost exactly a year ago.

I guess that doesn’t sound much but considering my working pace lately that seems about right ☺

And obviously there are lots of ideas like winding up balls, using up scraps, not buying any new material unless it is really necessary  (😉), eating healthy,  doing lots of exercising,  being nice, always tidying up, writing witty posts, getting some sleep…

We will see how all those go.

For now I am wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year.


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