bye bye 2015…

Who would have thought,  one more post in 2015! Certainly not me.

I hope you are able to look back happily.

It has been a very intense year, good and not so good things have happened, in my small world as much as in the big world.

Horrible terrorist attacks and refugee crisis but also amazing reaction by people standing up and working together to welcome and help others. A fight to save an excellent nursery in an area who would have needed it. A child starting proper school and loosing 6 teeth. But most importantly 3 babies joining the family! The extended family,  I only had one myself don’t worry.

And since this is a blog about knitting and sewing? I guess it has been a good year too. The fashion course, lots of bags, a couple of children’s clothes. Knitting was a bit less exciting unless you get excited about 196 knitting squares for 4 baby blankets. One of them lost in the mail (or worn by a kangaroo ). Sorry for not linking with the appropriate posts,  I am typing this on my phone – just browse through my past posts.

But the year ended with knitting:

Two quick hats for the non existing winter here in Austria 20151231_154002

And a knitting related lesson, probably still not a learnt one though: you should always wind up the new skein of yarn into a neat ball before getting started


Two helpers have been trying to sort this mess out – they gave up. But my niece went and wound her own skein of yarn up into a nice ball 😊

And now I still have 3 hours to think of a new years resolution … (trying to ignore the messy yarn picture)

Guten Rutsch for now and we’ll see each other next year ☺

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