Scrap Sunday: The 2 months wrist warmers

As you might remember, shortly after giving birth two months ago, I started a quick and easy knitting project: wrist warmers for my cycling friend and midwife. Mid project, I decided to keep them for myself and make her a pair out of silk as it will be even more delicate. And who would deserve a delicate gift more than the woman who took care of me and the baby during pregnancy and after birth ? Plus, considering how long this was taking me, a woolen gift would not be appropriate anyway.

Soooo, 8 weeks later, the quick and easy project is finally finished 🙂

IMG_4476 IMG_4477

Considering that the pictures have just been taken by a 6 year old who could barely hold up the camera, I think they are great. If you now even imagine a little bit of cool dark red nail polish and maybe, lets say, the sophisticated hands playing the piano … then the pictures are really amazing, no?

The yarn is a left over of my great woolen jumper from my favourite jumper designer atelier alfa (I have already bought the next pattern, I am just waiting for Mr Reflux to stop vomiting on me. Well and to give me time to knit more than a pair of wrist warmers in two months)

IMG_1739(Pathetic – I know – to post pictures from old projects! Clearly I am not able to produce enough presentable items these days)

The pattern is Gansey Wristers by Kallipi Aronis who has clearly had the time to put on that nail polish 🙂 Great pattern and I have already started the silky version.

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