the coat

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it but I have been rather busy lately making a coat for myself. Did I? Really? Anyway, here it is. My coat. For me. And I can proudly say, so far no baby vomit on it 🙂 And the weather these days is perfect for wearing it. Cold but sunny. So no need for the rain coat that I am usually wearing.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures – they do not do justice to my precious coat, it would deserve a professional photographer and a professional model but this is all I’ve got 🙂

IMG_4552The initial pattern is from Burda if I remember correctly but with the help of my teacher from fashion class this pattern has been changed significantly. (It was mainly my teacher working and me watching, breastfeeding and making clever comments)

IMG_4568 IMG_4566 IMG_4559

The fabric (wool with crazy flower embroidery) and the lining (a really strange colour between green and yellow, somehow difficult to get right on the pictures) have been sitting under my desk for a year waiting to finally be transformed into something wearable. And there is still enough left for a short dress next year, post breastfeeding.

IMG_4556As you can see, I did struggle a bit with the hem. Actually I meant to join fabric coat and lining coat at hem and sleeves  and then turn the two coats inside out. Obviously it wasn’t as simple as I thought and I ended up with a huge thing with both lining sleeves coming out of the woolen sleeves 🙂 I really should have taken a picture. So I had to open my seams and get things right. I then struggled a bit with the length of the lining and getting the hem straight. But no one will be noticing the slight imperfections at the inside. Unless I would do something as silly as pointing them out to lots of people, say in a blog post.


I made three button holes and chose coconut buttons. They should become a little bit darker with the time and will then be perfect. I might add a forth button as I have realised that they are too high up. The coat flaps a bit too much when I am walking.

IMG_4573I also added welt pockets, second time I made them. (First time I added them on a red riding hood cape to practise for my own coat – I still owe you that)

Enough for today, now I will link this post to RUMS – a lovely blog where women can show off what they have made for themselves and will see what others have created for their own pleasure this week.

4 thoughts on “the coat

  1. That is one gorgeous coat! Love the fabric – and I can’t see anything much wrong with where the lining meets up with the wool. I have a leather coat where the lining tucks into the leather like that.

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