Scrap Sunday: tag blanket

Today’s scrap post is just a quick picture of an idea how you could use up some scrap fabric and small pieces of ribbons and trimmings. Again, I didn’t make it. Don’t have time, sorry. I really need to finish my coat.

Yes I said my coat. And yes, I said my coat. Nothing for the children. No, for me. Yes, a coat. It is still cold enough to wear a coat. Which vomiting baby will destroy it in seconds? I have no idea what you are talking about. It is my coat, I will wear it every day. At least when said baby is nowhere near me. Or turned 18 and stopped ruining my clothes. And I will just put those button holes in today, that should be doable and then I will show you my coat. As soon as I have taken pictures of it. Possibly with me in it. So I just need someone to take the pictures and the baby in a different part of the country. Easy.

Oh, yes, the Sunday scrap project. Something for the  baby this time. (You see, I need to make up for all the things I just said. I don’t really want the baby in a different part of the country. Just no vomit on my coat).

So, my older ones have kindly surprised me with all the baby toys that were still safely tidied away at the far back of the wardrobe. They wanted to help me by getting them ready for the baby who can not hold toys yet. Thank you guys.

They found this tag blanket.


Not a new idea. But a good idea. I am a big fan of toys made of fabric. They are easy to wash, the unattended baby can not hurt himself. It can be chewed on and I prefer chewed on fabric much more than chewed on plastic made in China.

A little bit off topic: There is this little shop in Vienna. Galerie Sonnenschein in Neubaugasse. It is a great shop and the owner makes the cutest toys out of fabric – not the one in the picture but other lovely things, rattles,…. If you ever are in Vienna, go there and get some baby toys.

So, I will make one of these once my coat is done. Did I mention that I am currently making a coat for myself? Yes? Are you sure? Cause it is a beautiful coat. For me.

I will do a little bit of research about noise making devices for baby toys. I am thinking of putting in a crinkle material or possibly a rattle thingy rather than that little bell. That doesn’t look that healthy to eat. I’ll show you once it is done.


3 thoughts on “Scrap Sunday: tag blanket

    • I was thinking of putting the crinkle material in the big part but you are right. On the picture there are only premade folded ribbons. But it would be so nice to only have a few tabs that actually make a noise. I guess I will do that too. Lots of things to adapt. I was also thinking of taking a piece of an old towel to make the blanket thicker. They seem to often use some kind of fleece on one side but I would want to keep mine cottony so stuffing towel in between two layers of nice cotton might be worth a try.

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