Busy Business Bee

I had a very busy week. Businesswise. Well, obviously also familywise but that is the norm so doesn’t count.

So, apart from the observed knitting class (a crazy one, really. Not only did almost everyone turn up for once but there were also 2 new people and 2! who came to visit because they were interested in taking over the knitting class plus an unusually high number of children. It was crazy. But good. The observer was most impressed by the atmosphere in the class and how I managed to do my thing – I guess the poor man didn’t quite expect a bunch of chattering women with small children climbing all over the place whilst discussing numbers on needles and yarns and patterns and how to calculate clever things 🙂 ) – see I closed the bracket so we are back to the initial sentence – I also had a lot of custom orders to be finished.

Apart from about 10 yoga bags (another bracket but just to tell you that the pictures are really bad as taken in a rush this morning so I am not going to show you I think) I also had to knit a woolen cardigan for a little boy except that I didn’t know the parents nor the little boy and their personal taste.  Plus it was meant to be a special present, so I thought that  something classic rather than crazily colourful would be more appropriate.


I have used my favourite pattern for these kind of things: Little Rascals by Julia Stanfield. I am a big fan of top down seemless knits.


I have used Lana Grossa Cool Wool big, a lovely soft merino which can even be washed in the washing machine if you really have to. The shade is amazing too. It is a rather darkish blue for the classic look but it is a melange so there is something going on, it is not just a plain blue.

Just blue would possibly have been really classic. But also really boring, so I thought a bold red stripe with white edges will make it look fresh and sporty whilst still classic enough to not be offensive to someone who does not share my love of less obvious colour combinations. IMG_4610

So that was all nice and classic and precious (wool, remember) but a tiny voice of the little 2 year old girl in me said: “yuk, boring!” and it began to dawn on me that maybe the 2 year old who will actually wear the cardigan might not think: “Oh what a lovely and nice little cardigan in a neutral colour. It will go with many of my smart trousers and shirts for special occasions” so I decided to add a little thing to the outfit which would be more every day nursery style and might find more appreciation from the little boy (obviously without knowing him, I might be totally wrong)

So, this is the Wendebindemuetze from klimperklein with a triangular scarf.

Which leads to a slightly maritime outfit 🙂


or slightly more classic, just with stripes


I like it and hope the little boy and his parents will do, too. And obviously the customer who had ordered the cardigan 🙂


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