Scrap Sunday: Remember how lucky you are

Do you sometimes need a reminder that actually you are a really happy person and should stop complaining about little things? I certainly do. I guess because I am Austrian. Austrians loooove moaning. We have lots of words for it. I am also quite good at wallowing in self-pity. Especially after tiring nights. And that is when I need a gently reminder that actually it is all good. Really good. I only seem to see that when I hear from other who aren’t as lucky as me.

Someone I actually don’t know that well just had a premature baby and I just wanted to make something nice for her.

I found two lovely freebooks for premature baby clothes but only used the one for the wrap cardigan.

IMG_4784IMG_4787 IMG_4786 It is incredible how tiny this piece is when you see it next to your healthy and well nourished 5 months old.

Clearly this is one of the more useful and meaningful ideas that I have ever published for Scrap Sunday and I will definitely enquire in the local hospitals to see if there is a need for premature baby clothes and what kind of donations they would want. It would be nice to know that actually some of these odd small pieces in my scrap box could make someone else happy.



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