Door 4 – overcoming the hat trauma

Every time when I discuss with people the hand knitting business, they suggest that I should knit hats. Which is probably a good idea, you can do lots of different, very individual things, they aren’t huge and knit up quickly and would therefore be affordable. But I really have a hat trauma and haven’t knitted any hats since many years. They never really fitted, often too short and not covering the ears properly but I guess that was mainly because I did not use proper patterns or could not measure the heads to not spoil the surprise. So it is quite a homemade trauma, I have to admit.

Anyway, I have a few Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky in different colours in my stash, and when one of my friends suddenly started wearing a brownish/reddish jacket in more or less the same colour than the one in my stash I had to knit her something in combination with her favourite colour which is this kind of light sea green. After days of casting on and ribbing various neck warmer projects which all just didn’t seem right, she finally lost her green hat. So I realised that rather than knitting her a ridiculously small scarf (out of two brown and one green balls) I should make her a hat. Instead of looking for a pattern for that kind of yarn I adapted this one and the result fits fairly well, maybe the ribbing is a little on the loose side and might need some elastic support one day.

I guess, considering that I was still unable to use a matching pattern/yarn pair means that I still haven’t fully overcome the hat trauma but I am halfway there and it made me just realise that I should actually challenge myself rather than always go the easy way.

I wonder if any of you have this kind of knitting traumas? Maybe that would also be a good new years resolution 🙂

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