Door 5 – Trying to be fair or A long day ahead

IMG_1342Today will be all about sewing. My son is always jealous of my daughters colourful dresses and skirts and I have to admit I have been sewing and knitting much more things for her than for him.

So I will be making him dungarees out of the most colourful corduroy I could find in the fabric shops in Shepherds Bush. It was not easy, there is really not much for boys.

I am using a pattern from farbenmix . They have beautiful things there, patterns from independent designers with lots of support on their website, ribbons,…

I have recently started a sewing class on Thursdays where you sew your own project and the teacher will support you with whatever you need. I have already prepared a bit at home to get as much as possible done in the class.
And hopefully my son will be happy with it. Oh and guess what, my daughter has already announced that she wants dungerees as well… just to be fair šŸ™‚

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