Door 9 – the twist

Ever since I made the cowl with the proper moebius cast on, I had in mind toknit a headband with a similar twisted effect but I didn’t really start making one…. I guess a moebius wouldn’t work very well, the twisted part would get too long.

And then, I saw her… The woman with a twisted headband. It looked a bit like on big knitted cable and I finally decided to make a headband with a twist myself.


I have used super chunky Rowan Big wool and used a moss stitch throughout for the first one, then Imade another one with garter stitch to match my super chunky cowl.


The plan was to also knit a ribbed one (just as the woman in the street was wearing) but I realised that I would not have enough yarn.

So, I made another one with Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky which is slightly bigger in size and super soft. I have reused the moss stitch as I find that one really elegant.


I have actually put them all into the shop, together with a few other new things.

Since I headbands are actually a great way of using up single ball left overs, I made a few more in a different way but that is another story…. for another day 🙂

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