Door 8 – Is it worth it?

When I first moved to London, I used to order my – up until then favourite – yarn brand in Germany. It’s Lana Grossa and they do have very nice things. I used mainly their Merino range Cool Wool which comes in a variety of thickness and great colours. But are the high delivery costs really worth it?

So I went to John Lewis and bought some Debbie Bliss Rialto and realised that this is just as soft 🙂 The colour range is more limited and has more subtle shades, maybe a bit too “grown up” for my children projects.

This year, I thought I should  buy a bit cheaper, especially if I knit something for the shop to be able to reduce the prices. But I realised quickly that cheap Merino is actually not as soft as the slightly more expensive brands, so I have to say: Yes, it is worth it!

So I am back to Debbie Bliss, still missing a bit the Lana Grossa Cool Wool though.

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