Door 16 – being brave

I’ve made another hat. So I guess, we can call that hat trauma overcome.

My daughter has a really gorgeous hat knitted by one of my husbands aunts. It is big enough but it keeps sliding up, so her ears are not fully covered which she hates.

She has an other, shop bought, one which her mother accidentally shrank in the washing machine.

So she urgently needed another one and I decided to make her one. I have used this pattern but I haven’t yet created a ravelry project.

IMG_1438I have decided not to use the requested pink because the other hat is pink anyway and I know that she likes many colours. She has a red winter jacket so I thought red, orange, yellow would match best, with a little bit of green because it suits her. I added braids to the ear flaps so she can pretend to have long hair.

And luckily she is very happy with her new hat… and green hair šŸ™‚

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