Door 17 – where to shop

Today, I had to go to Oxford Street so I decided to buy those two balls of Debbie Bliss Chunky at John Lewis. They really have quite a good range of yarn, even more fancy brands. And it is the easiest to reach yarn shop for me but I guess the atmosphere isn’t great.

I also popped into Liberty, a very old and special department store, which I did not now about until very recently. It is really a beautiful building. And they have gorgeous fabrics (I did now their fabric line a bit though). Yarnwise they seem to have the entire Rowan range. All these shades and textures makes you want to knit a lot, isn’t it. I didn’t buy anything there but I guess that would be a nice shopping experience.

Since I can not always travel to Oxford Street when I need new supply I usually order online, mainly at Deramores. They have a great customer service and always some kind of deal. Last time, I couldn’t find my coupon code and emailed them. But I could not wait for their answer and just ordered without using my voucher. And guess what, they actually reimbursed me those 10% even if it was clearly my own fault that I didn’t use my discount.

And I usually get my order the next day, so this kind of shopping is really effective even though yarn shopping would be one of the things I do not necessarily want to have the most effective way.

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