Scrap Sunday: Hairbands

I’ll keep it short as I will have to type this post on my phone, lying in my comfy hotel bed in Oxford (see how committed I am to Scrap Sunday).

Hairbands as a pretty and simple way of using up fabrics (and yarn for that matter) have been on my mind since a while.

..or Scrap Sunday I wanted to do it properly (starting by actually going away for a weekend) and rather than just taking a piece of fabric and sew it together without having cut it into the right shape as I had done here a few weeks ago:


I have done some research online and in my daughter’s  drawer. I stumbled over a tutorial by hamburger liebe (online, not in the drawer) a name i actually already knew from some of the loveliest fabric designs  (You really need to check that out)

so I tried her tutorial and measurements and found it a little bit big, even for my adult head. I took it to sewing class to ask the others and my first trial got snatched out of my hands!  Clearly a good size then and it’s just me having a tiny head.20141003_144210

I made one out of a woven cotton and quite like the secure feeling of that one.IMG-20141004-WA0001

After two trials I finally made a smaller one using left overs from my nieces shirt which happens to be a hamburger liebe design. Sooo lovely. I guess that one should go to my niece to match the shirt.IMG-20141004-WA0002

I think I will still continue my trials and make an even simpler and smaller one similar to the one from a high street brand in my daughter’s drawer as it will just suit my daughter’s … ahem … hairstyle better.

And for myself? Well I am a proud fringe wearer so I much prefer something that I can tie each time rather than messing up my fringe…. not that it would be anywhere near as voluminous as Claudia Winkleman’s but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve full attention 🙂

Puh, that was the last time I did that one my phone. Especially as it will still be Sunday when I get home.

same old, same old

A couple of months ago I knitted this flower head band.

moss stitch hairband with flower

moss stitch hairband with flower

Half a year later I am still working on the same kind of things, how boring 🙂


I am currently trying out my new overlocker, a Bernina 800DL. It came with a free class which I haven’t been able to take (yet).

Anyway, I made this hairband with a little left over jersey stripe and just decorated it with a jerseyflower. I didn’t even bother cutting it nicely just wrapped it around my daughters head to see if it would be long enough and sew it together. As it is fairly pretty, I feel a bit ashamed and will definitely make another one properly. Might make a tutorial out of it.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my prettily dressed children, both wearing freshly overlocked jersey stuff with patterns from pattydoo, the website, pattern designer, blogger,…. I mentioned in my last post already.

I bought the patterned fabrics a couple of months ago, maybe even last summer, at Stoffsalon in Vienna, a little bit expensive for people who get everything dirty within minutes but gorgeous. The plain colours are from Shepherd’s Bush where I have definitely not seen anything as nice as those more expensive ones.

Now that I have practised on children’s cloths I will definitely make a jersey top for myself.

And the knitting (since this is supposed to be a knitting blog)? I am currently working on a Lintilla by Martina Behm in a greenish Wollmeise Merino from my stash. Lovely scarf it will be but I mainly don’t really know what to knit next. I guess I am in a knitting midlife crises. Suggestions welcome 🙂



just a little something

just a little something

just a little something

Last Wednesday was the last day of the summer term in nursery and therefore my first last day as a mum and I had no idea how to thank the teachers.

Chocolate? The key worker has allergies and can’t have chocolate, a few of the others were fasting.

Flowers? It had over 30C so they would have been withered before even getting there.

So, I needed to knit something…  just a little something as I didn’t want to overdo it.

The pressure was on, just a few days to go and all of a sudden I had plenty of ideas. So I made


a bookmark

a book mark for the teacher who is in charge of the library. She was really touched as it was so “thoughtful”. I found it a bit too bulky to be actually useful to be honest and would have already better ideas… I guess for next year.

a phone case

a phone case

a phone case for the one who is really strict about the no-phones-in-the-classroom-rule. She was really pleased as apparently she keeps dropping her own phone.


hairband with little arrows

a hairband for the key worker who has just really nice long hair and has often some kind of elaborate hair styling. And she was actually wearing a dress in a matching colour on that last day. And maybe I can make a matching scarf next year as it will be the final one for my daughter.

a small bag with i-cord and buttons

a small bag with i-cord and buttons

and a small bag for the head teacher as she doing her rounds with a small shoulder bag and I had already thought in the past that I should knit one for her. It is about the same size as her usual one, so it should really suit her needs.

In fact, I am really pleased how all these little somethings turned out. They are the perfect size for these kind of occasions and can be really personalized.

In fact I made a few other hairbands, both for girls and women.

I will definitely continue to experiment with hairbands, so far I did a few narrow cotton ones with a bit of lace to make them more interesting, a very simple red one with a knot and a similar but more girly one with a proper bow (I will try a flower version too), a few wide cotton ones with lace and a woolen one that should cover the ears as well. I guess that one could actually be even wider.

The other thing that keeps me busy knitwise these days is the fact that I will be giving knitting lessons for beginners starting from September. I am currently preparing samples and hand-outs. My students will be people who use the services of the Children Centers in the Borough, so I guess mainly mothers of young children like me.

Hairbands and little bags for their children will actually be the perfect projects for them. But I am still thinking of something a bit more suitable for little boys…. they all like bags but it would be nice to have something more boyish too. So any ideas of very simple and quick knits for little  boys are welcome.