Scrap Sunday: Hairbands

I’ll keep it short as I will have to type this post on my phone, lying in my comfy hotel bed in Oxford (see how committed I am to Scrap Sunday).

Hairbands as a pretty and simple way of using up fabrics (and yarn for that matter) have been on my mind since a while.

..or Scrap Sunday I wanted to do it properly (starting by actually going away for a weekend) and rather than just taking a piece of fabric and sew it together without having cut it into the right shape as I had done here a few weeks ago:


I have done some research online and in my daughter’s  drawer. I stumbled over a tutorial by hamburger liebe (online, not in the drawer) a name i actually already knew from some of the loveliest fabric designs  (You really need to check that out)

so I tried her tutorial and measurements and found it a little bit big, even for my adult head. I took it to sewing class to ask the others and my first trial got snatched out of my hands!  Clearly a good size then and it’s just me having a tiny head.20141003_144210

I made one out of a woven cotton and quite like the secure feeling of that one.IMG-20141004-WA0001

After two trials I finally made a smaller one using left overs from my nieces shirt which happens to be a hamburger liebe design. Sooo lovely. I guess that one should go to my niece to match the shirt.IMG-20141004-WA0002

I think I will still continue my trials and make an even simpler and smaller one similar to the one from a high street brand in my daughter’s drawer as it will just suit my daughter’s … ahem … hairstyle better.

And for myself? Well I am a proud fringe wearer so I much prefer something that I can tie each time rather than messing up my fringe…. not that it would be anywhere near as voluminous as Claudia Winkleman’s but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve full attention 🙂

Puh, that was the last time I did that one my phone. Especially as it will still be Sunday when I get home.

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