Scrap Sunday: Christmas Crackers

I guess I should apologise for what you are about to read, I have been stuck at home with two sick children for a couple of days now and we are watching a lot of fairy tales, so please forgive me 🙂

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess. Well, probably more of a queen since she was married to a king and the mother of two beautiful, clever and well behaved children, but she certainly looked like a young beautiful princess, who happened to be also extremely clever, witty and kind-hearted.

The queen and her family lived on an island where the sun always shone far away from her home country somewhere in the highest mountains you could possibly imagine.   During one particularly hard winter there, the queen decided to travel home to help her family who lived on top of a very high mountain.

The beautiful, clever, witty and kind-hearted queen did not want to come empty handed and in countless sleepless nights she created very useful little gifts for all the members of the her family.

After a few weeks of preparation, she, the king, the little princess and the little prince set off  in their golden carriage drawn by twelve white horses  and after days through wind, ice and snow they finally arrived on top of the mountain.

The parents of the beautiful, clever, witty and kind-hearted queen could not believe their eyes when they opened the door of their little wooden house and her daughter stepped in with lots of presents in her hands. Rapidly, they called all of the queens brothers and sisters, their partners and children to celebrate the family reunion. The mother of the queen hustled into the tiny kitchen and started to cook a beautiful meal, her father lit the fire and everybody gathered around the big table to enjoy the meal together. And it was a miracle, the food came out of the tiny kitchen on big plates which never got empty!

The beautiful, clever, witty and kind-hearted prin queen handed each one teir  handcrafted, extremely useful gifts, beautifully wrapped in something she called “cracker” in the language spoken by the indigenous people on the sunny island.

Everybody got a beautiful crown made of the finest and most delicate paper and a little written thought to cheer them up.

All the children got little toys, something that they had never even heard of, let alone owned.


For the adults, she had chosen more practical things to help them through difficult times, for example magic wands for her sister and sister-in-law, both mothers of young children,IMG_0826

a portable milk frothing device for her brother-in-law, a coffee connoisseur,


practise nappies for her brother and his partner who were expecting a child,


and the probably most challenging to be executed by the beautiful, clever, witty and kind-hearted queen : a working satellite for her brother, a sage (not the plant, the wise man of course) who has given the world the knowledge of befriended location determination


The presentees were gobsmacked yet not surprised by the creativity and the skills of the beautiful, clever, witty and kind-hearted queen and just did not know what to say, they had never seen such refined technology and did not even know how to use some of these items. But they were overflowed by gratefulness and the evening ended in lots of laughter, tears of joy and an amazing firework display in the clear sky mirrored in the peaceful white blanket that covered the mountain that night.

And the beautiful, clever, witty and kind-hearted queen knitted happily ever after.


7 thoughts on “Scrap Sunday: Christmas Crackers

  1. Iam speechles beautiful, witty, kind hearted, clever and talented queen U. How did you wrapped these? Don’t tell me you even manage to instal some device to make Big Bang when they tried to opened it….😲😲😲

    • However did you guess that the beautiful, clever, witty and kind-hearted queen in the story was me?
      But let me explain: In fact, the queen had silently left the castle one early morning to travel all by herself to a market in a far away town (still on the sunny island though) and she had bought all the wrapping equipment (including Big Bang device as they are a bit tricky to knit) from two old men called Merk and Spancer.

    • In countless sleepless nights. But to be fair, the little princess had helped her a lot with her tiny hands. They were perfect to put those tiny presents in the narrow wrapping tube.

  2. Thank you wise queen for imparting the knowledge of befriended location determination… oh I could have done with this when my son was a few years younger and would turn off his phone, ostensibly to save the battery, so he said…

    • You are most welcome. I have to inform you though that the befriended location determination only works if the person has not only turned on the application but also allowed you to see their current location. In the world of geeks sages apparently an extremely important information to share. Also if you need to track down your stolen phone, lost dog who happens to own his own portable conversation device or elderly relatives who tend to get lost in town on busy market days.
      The day will come where the queen will be so pleased to have it on her portable conversation device 🙂

    • I tried several times to comment the giveaway idea on your blog but somehow it did not work (apologies if they all come through later). What I wanted to say:
      That would definitely be the most useful givaway the blogging world has ever seen. Be prepared for lots of entries. You should probably let contestants solve some problems (killing a dragon or sorting lentils from ashes comes to my mind)
      Please do not let “commenting on a post” be one of the problems to solve 😉

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