Scrap Sunday: A little something

See, I told you I was going to post before the new year and none of you believed it!

I have a little something to show you. I made it out of the content of one of the advent calendar bags:


But lets have a closer look:

IMG_4373A piece of polyester strap material, a pretty woven ribbon, a key ring and a strange clip thingy. At first, I wasn’t sure what this random selection of small pieces was all about but then I realised: A key fob! That’s what I was supposed to make. Well, the key ring was a pretty strong clue 🙂

And the clever person I am I figured out all by myself how to do this. But as the person who has recently poured dry pasta into the bechamel sauce rather than into the pot with boiling water next to it, I  confirmed with wise old internet before getting started.

And voila , five minutes later I had a beautiful key fob and a perfect little Christmas present to be sent to a friend in Italy:


I am not sure if it is a very practical size for a key fob. It is quite long. But I was immediately thinking of something my mum had mentioned during her last visit: It is apparently getting more and more difficult to have a good individual marker on your luggage. All suitcases traveling round and round the conveyor belt at the airport seem to have red ribbons. So this fob might work quite well, maybe with a bigger ring to slide it around the handle.

Or it could work well as a wrist strap for a clutch. I was actually already trying to find these clip thingies but I don’t know how to even call them. And surprisingly ebay doesn’t know them as clip thingies.

I guess whilst the new year is still faaaaar away, lets not go crazy postingwise and I will just take the opportunity now to wish you all a “good slide into the new year” (That’s what we say in German before the 1st of January) :)!


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