Day and Night

Sorry for missing another Scrap Sunday but we only came back from the famous wedding weekend yesterday. And whilst, as a family we had been wearing lots of Scrap Sunday projects, unfortunately I did not manage to take decent pictures. Same problem for the even famouser (I do realise that this is not a real word, thank you) wedding outfit. By the way, much to her disappointment, the bride had only been wearing a normal wedding dress (luckily the kind bride had prepared us by sending us a picture beforehand – I guess she had a feeling the expectations of a certain young lady might be a little bit higher than she could provide with her “normal” wedding dress. Apart from that, the wedding has been great, lovely couple, lovely family members, lovely guests, great food, even greater music. We really had a good time and a lovely short break. As usual I am getting side-tracked, I am clearly not attending big events often enough.

Anyway, today I had the pleasure to hand over a present to a 12-year-old girl who had a big day today. I find her style really cool, very grown-up. Definitely more grown-up than my style. But then, that doesn’t mean anything considering how I usually dress.

Anyway, I tried hard to match her taste, I am not sure if I managed.

The fabric is a design by Susalabim, called Mannequin. It is the first time I have used a fabric which comes in pattern repeats (so you have to buy any multiple of 80cm if you see what I mean). As one repeat would have been a bit short, I used  a pattern with a yoke which allowed me to use a different fabric on top. It is called Pia and is a pattern for a top by pattydoo. So I elongated the main part of the shirt to the 80cm of one repeat to get the maximum out of it.

Unfortunately, I am unable to show you pictures of the dress being worn. Whilst I did manage to squeeze in to find the right hight for the belt, it would not be suitable to show of the features of a loose fit dress.  A clothes hanger will have to do.



pattern: Pia by pattydoo, fabric: jersey by Lillestoff, design Susalabim



Personally I am rather pleased with the result, almost what I had in mind. I just don’t like the armhole/sleeve cuffs. But surprise-surprise. I had cut out the fabric before thinking things through. Next time I would add two cm to make a normal hem.

In any case, I hope the new owner likes it, I will never find out, the whole family is far to polite to tell me if I have just ridiculed myself.

Special occasion dresses – part 1

As you might already have found out by now, I am quite a party girl, rushing from one big occasion to the other and I feel it is my duty to dress accordingly, ideally with something new and especially made for the particular situation.

So, let me just start with two dresses for girls. For both I have used the same and obviously very versatile pattern Traegerkleid by klimperklein.


pattern: Traegerkleid by klimperkleid, fabric: jersey by Lillestoff, design Katzenliebe by susalabim.

It might not be obvious for everyone, but this is actually the perfect dress for a baptism. Just in case you were wondering. The young lady has quite rightly informed me that while this might be acceptable for a baptism it would certainly not do for the wedding we are planning to go to next week. And that in fact she didn’t have anything to wear to a wedding. Which is true. So the wedding dress is currently in the making, but I can obviously only show you the pictures after the event. We certainly don’t want to spoil the excitement of those wondering what she will be wearing on the big day.

But back to the baptism dress.


Once again, I went for yellow as a contrasting colour. Darkish blue might have looked nice, too but it wasn’t up to me. For the binding on arm and neck, pink was the only option, I think.

I really like the cap sleeves. And the piping. I really should use piping more often, it gives the whole thing a little kick.


I repeated the strong pink piping line in an attempt of a bold hem stitch which my machine did not want to do as neatly as I had it in mind.

I have used the same pattern to make a dress for my niece. Mainly because I was so disappointed in the one I had made for her birthday. (It seems I hadn’t even taken a picture of it). She will start school in about 10 days, so I used this occasion as an excuse to make her another dress. I haven’t delivered it yet, so pssst.


pattern: Traegerkleid by klimperklein, fabric: jersey bought at Michas Stoffecke (design Birgit Boley)

So, this is a more autumn-y version of the same pattern, with long sleeves and hood.




I meant to show you my breastfeeding friendly baptism dress too but it is getting late. I’ll show you tomorrow. And my breastfeeding friendly wedding dress, too. Promised.

A little delay and so not right for the season

I still owe you pictures of my coat Zsazsa by susalabim. I made it back in May I think when it was really not the weather for a coat. And it is still not. Never mind. I do not own anything to wear it with anyway. But it looks amazing on my dress form.

Susalabim is a fantastic designer for lillestoff. Obviously I had already bought at least one of her fabrics without knowing it and it is actually through the pattern for this coat that I discovered not only Susalabim as a designer but also lillestoff as supplier for organic fabrics.

The coat can be made out of one fabric but Susalabim uses it to show off her designs as a patchwork coat – ideal to use up left overs. So ideal for me one would think. Except that I was really intrigued by the fabrics she had used in her video – jaquard, something I haven’t used so far. So I actually had to order small portions of different fabrics to fake a pile of left over jaquards. They were all so beautiful. I spent ages in arranging them and sending pictures to my dear colour and style expert back in London. Apart from her totally wrong and unjustified advice that orange elephants would be too childish she helped me a lot. As usual.  But enough talking.



Initially I had in mind to only use a 2 or 3 fabrics for the sleeves and to have larger blocks. But as those fabrics were so nice, I didn’t want to waste any of it and used the small bits too. But I underestimated how much they would shrink in the washing. So actually I couldn’t cut the sleeves properly and had to do real patchwork in two places:


I love having the seams on the outside. It is so venturous and makes it cool and trend-setting.

However my banned from chocolate for life and boring 7 year old finds it wrong and embarrassing.

So what do you think? Are you boring or setting venturous trends? 🙂

I’ll take this coat to RUMS for now and wait for more appropriate weather to be a cool trend-setter.