Door 10 – something special

The postman just delivered something that I have been waiting for since days, so it is almost like Christmas already 🙂

Last week I had ordered a couple of balls of a Merino/Silk DK of Dye For Yarn . Or was it Dye For Wool? It doesn’t really matter as both two the same two German dyers who produce really nice stuff. They have different blends of the finest fibres, lots of lace and fingering weight, occasionally heavier ones too. I have so far tried different Merino/Silk blends and they are just incredibly soft and nice to wear on the skin.


They only dye small batches in the same dye, so you are really getting something very special for very special occasions. And the colours are all just gorgeous, there are very subtle variations which makes the knitted item just look so much more vivid. I always struggle to choose and usually end up buying too much 🙂

And knitting with it is just a pleasure, I can’t wait….

And it is just a bonus that this special yarn comes from a small company rather than a big one, so it is even better.

What is your favourite yarn for the very special knits?

Door 8 – Is it worth it?

When I first moved to London, I used to order my – up until then favourite – yarn brand in Germany. It’s Lana Grossa and they do have very nice things. I used mainly their Merino range Cool Wool which comes in a variety of thickness and great colours. But are the high delivery costs really worth it?

So I went to John Lewis and bought some Debbie Bliss Rialto and realised that this is just as soft 🙂 The colour range is more limited and has more subtle shades, maybe a bit too “grown up” for my children projects.

This year, I thought I should  buy a bit cheaper, especially if I knit something for the shop to be able to reduce the prices. But I realised quickly that cheap Merino is actually not as soft as the slightly more expensive brands, so I have to say: Yes, it is worth it!

So I am back to Debbie Bliss, still missing a bit the Lana Grossa Cool Wool though.

Door 3 – same procedure as every year

I have already finished this years woolen jumpers for my children a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t had a chance to put them up here.

I have used the Little Hoodlum pattern like last year but in the most simple version without hoods or pockets as I had realised that even though it looks really cute it is not practical under a wintery top layer.

IMG_1303I have used Adriafil Knitcol, 100% merino DK but I found it thinner than expected. So I had to knit bigger sizes but never mind. It is also a bit itchy, not really what I expect from pure merino. Not sure if I am going to use it again, definitely not for anything I would have to wear directly on my skin.

But the pattern that the yarn creates once knitted up is really beautiful, big effect for just plain knitting in the round and without much weaving in 🙂

My daughter is really pleased with hers, my son hasn’t even tried his one yet. Just never ever suggest anything to a grumpy two year old, he will say no and then not even forget about it 🙂