Just a quick progress update

IMG_1718Since my last post I have done a lot more colour swatching for my 3in1, bought the right needles, knitted the body (up to the where it will be joined with the sleeves), one sleeve and read a lot of very inspiring blogs.

Like The Twisted Yarn and her amazing crochet project. I followed the progress of a huge rainbow stained glass window afghan for quite a while and had actually been waiting impatiently for the result. I really have to look into crochet again (I am not going to produce such a huge piece though. Not for now.)

Or Knits for Life and her yarn bombing projects. I wish I could see one of them in real. And I wish I had the creativity, patience and knitting machine to make one of these myself. (Well, at least something small for our window)

Maybe I should link those two inspirations and crochet a window decoration one day but for now back to sweater knitting 🙂