How to crochet an octopus

Yes, I said “crochet”.

I thought my flower window display is the perfect opportunity to brush up my crochet skills dating from primary school days. And since I was unable to knit the beautiful Gerbera on oddknit I looked for a crochet pattern and found lovely flower patterns on the Meli Bondre blog and because of the rather deadly combination of crochet skills dating from primary school and trying to understand a pattern in a foreign language, I looked up all the strange letter combinations in Cherry Hearts Crochet Corner, an incredibly useful and also pretty site for anybody who wants to know about crochet with great tutorials to all sort of crochet stitches.

But back the Octopus – tutorial:

Choose a Gerbera pattern, ignore completely yarn and hook suggestions, take the one hook that you have and ideally too thick yarn for that hook.

Don’t bother counting the stitches when creating the inner circle. It is late and the yarn is dark. It will be roughly enough.

Continue until there is no more space to add any more petals legs. I know, from a marine biologist point of view, an octopus should have rather 8 legs (and probably that same marine biologist would not necessarily call them legs) rather than a good 30 but the crocheted octopus looks good with that many legs or arms or whatever.

Gerbera A1

(As my daughter has pointed out, it clearly isn’t an octopus because it doesn’t have eyes.)

If you like it but still want to crochet a Gerbera, just do the same again, maybe with different yarn, but don’t be surprised to get another octopus.

Gerbera B1

The octopus tutorial finishes here.

After a bit of ironing the seafood actually turns into something more flowery

Gerbera C2but size wise they are not quite at the same scale than my lovely knitted roses and tulips.

Vase 07A little overpowering I guess and not recognisable as Gerberas next to the smaller flowers, maybe weirdly dyed sunflowers? But then it helped a lot to make the bouquet much fuller quickly. And they work well to attract views from further away which was the point of the whole window display anyway.





no, it’s not the Easter bunny

IMG_1625Another custom made birthday order – this time for my niece, the “best” follower of this blog… No offence to all other but can any of you say that they have clicked on my site over 200 times, within an hour ? 🙂

So after a bit of research on here she wanted me to knit a soft toy for her 6th birthday – either a bunny or a guinea pig.

And after some browsing through ravelry patterns (not sure how much time and how many clicks there) she chose Henry’s rabbit by Sarah Elizabeth Kellner in white with some flowers on the side as seen in one of the featured examples.

After such a careful decision making the pressure was clearly on …

The original pattern only has two legs in front but I decided last minute to add two more.

original Henry pattern

original Henry pattern


I think that makes more sense for a child who will be playing with it rather than just enjoying the look of it.

four legged Henry

four legged Henry

And after another careful decision making, this time by me, I decided to refresh my crochet skills and to actually crochet the flowers rather than embroider them.

I found this tutorial (in German) and as I did not remember the crochet vocabulary at all, I had to follow the video tutorial which made things really easy.

So, now the finished bunny has a few flowers on its side and will hopefully meet the expectations.


I think I will be using some of these flowers to decorate our window when I come back from my holiday in Austria (with loooots of yarn in my suitcase).