Just right for any occasion: the girl with the dragonfly dress

As you might know by now (if not, go back and read the last 5 posts a bit more carefully), we have been attending a wedding and I know that some of you can’t wait to finally see THE dress.

Well, we have established that much to some people’s disappointment the bride was only wearing a normal wedding dress (she did look really beautiful in it, but still just a normal wedding dress). Obviously for those of us who are born in England, the expectations are a bit higher when it comes to wedding dresses, you want to see something more royal, somewhere in between Lady Di and the Duchess of Cambridge.

But back to our outfit. Before looking for a suitable dress, we agreed that the bride should be the one with the most eye-catching dress so when choosing the number of layers of tuelle one should keep that in mind. I wasn’t planning on making a tulle-y dream of a dress for a one time occasion so we went shopping on the high street. But there was nothing. Really nothing. So we went fabric shopping instead. I was thinking of using a simple pattern and just doing two layers, tulle on top. The nearest fabric shop that had tulle on their website was biostoffe, my favourite fabric shop anyway. Unfortunately the organic version of tulle was not what we expected but they had some gorgeous voile by C.Pauli. We could easily agree on the turquoise version with white and glittery dragonflies.


It was really perfect, sparkly enough for the little princess and yet still really nice and tasteful (I almost bought some of the aubergine version for myself)

Patternwise, we kept it simple, Leni by pattydoo a lovely summer dress for woven fabrics. IMG-20170904-WA0025 (3)

pattern: Leni by pattydoo, fabric: Libellensommer by C. Pauli

You might find the bodice a bit too wide. I usually cut her dresses in size 122 with a length of 134 (two sizes difference). If I would follow the measurements, I would have to go for another 3 sizes smaller but that seems just wrong. And in the end, even a princess needs to be able to run, jump and move around freely. Especially on the dancefloor.

To make sure that this simple dress would be slightly more suitable for a wedding, I added a silver ribbon around the waist


and some Diamant buttons (considering how much they cost, I assume they are not real)


The dress with its circle skirt was not only incredibly powerful on the dance floor (sorry no pics) but would also work for an afternoon tea party.

IMG-20170904-WA0018 (3)

I am really happy with the dress. It was quick to make (possibly quicker than finally finding something in the shops), it satisfied the desire for a nice and “elegant” dress without making grown ups feeling sick or blind.

And since the whole outfit, including white thights and shoes and sparkly nail polish, was good enough for a wedding, Madame decided to wear it on her first day back to school, too. So my worries of investing time and money for something that might only get worn once were completely unfounded.

I still owe you pictures of the amazing accessories we were all wearing but apart from that we could actually go back to every day’s life and work.