Scrap Sunday: Fundraising with scrap fabric

Today is a bit more serious than usual.

One of my friends is part of a women’s circle which meets monthly. I think it started to support each other in all those little and not so little daily issues but now they have decided to organise a fundraising event to support other mothers and their children – refugees in Calais.

I was very much looking forward to be part of this community event and to contribute time and skills but we will already be away for a team baptism. So all I can do it to invite others to support this project by going to the fundraising event  – a fun family event with arts and crafts, a raffle, food and more.


For those who would like to contribute but are unable to attend, there is also a fundraising page where you can  donate as much or little as you can give. And obviously please share all these links through all your social media thingies.

And whilst I can not physically attend and help at the festival, I have still prepared a crafts activity that people will be able to carry out without me supervising them 🙂 :

fabric mosaic cards

I have been busy cutting small scraps into even tinier pieces, naively hoping it would reduce my stash significantly

IMG_4932Doesn’t it look beautiful?

And I made a sample card.


If you are unsure how to get from picture A to picture B, then check out this brilliantly written tutorial by my first and only guest writer.

Apart from this amazing activity I will also donate two pieces of handmade children clothes. I just don’t know yet if I will make them and donate them to be auctioned or if I should donate vouchers, as then the winner could choose size, style and colours, isn’t it. I am just not sure if that doesn’t get too complicated.

Might be a timing issue anyway, as I still need to make one baptism present sun hat and a dress for the mother of the other baptism team member. And we will be leaving on Thursday. I better get to work now.




Scrap Sunday: The fabric mosaic or Please welcome my first guest writer

A couple of weeks ago I was working on this apron for a teacher whilst my daughter was sitting quietly next to me…. cutting fabric into little pieces. I am so proud of her, she really embraced the rule that the big fabric scissors can only be used on fabric and not on anything else.

Anyway, then she had the rather brilliant idea to use those little pieces to make a card with a carrot on the front (we had printed carrots on cards as Christmas cards for the nursery teachers).  The card looked great but stupidly enough I did not realise that I could use that idea for Scrap Sunday so I did not take any pictures of it.

So a couple of days ago, we reincarnated the scene (and we did it properly this time, not just green and orange fabric were harmed in the making of this picture series.

But enough said, it was her idea, so I thought, she should write the post. Lovely idea anyway to ask friends, family and readers to write a post for my blog. So if you have any good ideas you wanted to share, please step forward now. It would mean so much less work to me. Ok, not all at once… Oh, well, it was worth a try. (And I do know where some of you guys live, so you better start writing)

Anyway, back to this weeks guest post:

Stoffmosaik Anleitung

IMG_3217 IMG_3230 IMG_3238 IMG_3239 IMG_3240 IMG_3247 IMG_3242 IMG_3251