Door 21 – again

As it is the last weekend before Christmas, I have another coupon code for you to use in my shop. Use ADVENT4 at checkout to get 25% off. This weekend only.

I hope you are all well under way to get ready for the big day. It is raining here, so I guess, we will be practising the biscuit eating for once.


Door 6 – Nikolaus

Today’s door is actually hiding a coupon code which you will find at the end of this post

But first I’d like to add just a little bit more confusion to the international Christmas traditions…

Nikolaus is coming on the 6th of december and bringing a few tangerines, nuts, peanuts, a bit of chocolate… and two Hello Kitties 🙂 Ok, maybe the last bit isn’t really a tradition. I really didn’t think it through when introducing Christmas traditions to my children and I wanted to keep our Austrian ones, especially as we thought we weren’t going to stay here in London for too many years. So we have Nikolaus (who looks a bit like Father Christmas) coming on the 6th. In our case he only leaves a small surprise on the balcony rather than visiting properly due to the circumstances, and we have Baby Jesus (who I always imagined  like an angel, no one has ever seen him) bringing presents on the 24th. And now there are Santa Clauses and Father Christmases everywhere, and I am slightly worried that it is just a few people too many to still be believable. So far it doesn’t matter, all presents seem to be welcome though 😉

Anyway, enjoy 20% off everything in my shop with the coupon code NIKOLAUS13 . It is valid this weekend only, I will put a few more listings today and tomorrow. Have a lovely day 🙂