IMG_1270I knitted this scarf about a year ago and I finally managed to write down the pattern and put it online. Well, that is actually not true, I made a lovely chunky diagonally knitted cowl on my trip to Oxford but I decided to use the picture of the old one to illustrate the pattern. The colours are more cheerful, the fact that it is knitted on the bias comes out better because of the stripes and, lets be honest, it might take another year to get a decent picture taken, the weather needs to be right, there should already be some daylight, no football game scheduled (we live in England, there is always a football match going on somewhere)…

When I linked the pattern on ravelry with my already existing project, I realised that I hadn’t actually knitted a full rectangle as I pretended in the written pattern. Ups. Never mind, the fact that the pattern is for a rectangle it makes it more adjustable for other projects, not just for cowls. And the Oxford cowl at least was really knitted as I had written it down.

And I am pleased as punch to say that I had already over 100 downloads in 30 hours. I know that is not actually that much compared to other patterns on ravelry. But it is still cool to see that my patterns look interesting enough to be downloaded by someone.

Under pressure

I have about a zillion of little pieces of paper with strange letter and number combinations hiding in every corner of the house. If they were ever to be found by aliens they will think I am the leader of the science department down here. In fact they are only knitting notes which I want to get into proper shape and wording and eventually out there 😉

Anyway, I have taken the upcoming Women’s Day event on Friday as a sort of deadline for myself (can only work under pressure) to at least put together the pattern for the mobile phone case I want my knitting students to make and I thought, presenting my own (very simple) pattern as part of my knitting life during the Event would be a good idea.

IMG_1642schmalSo, I have made a few phone cosies, using different combinations of knit and purl stitches. They are all easy, some of them need a bit more attention than others if you are relatively new to knitting.

They are made from two separate sides rather than knit in the round to practise how to join them nicely at the bottom and the mattress stitch on the sides.

If you are interested you’ll find the free pattern on ravelry.

So that one is done, only a few (zillion) to go…. Or I just knit a nice bag to store all those bits of paper, might be quicker 🙂