It is too embarrassing. Honestly, I don’t want to talk about it.

In the world of sewing, creating the most beautiful mother-daughter outfits seems to be a really important thing. Probably the reason why one gets even started with the whole sewing business. I am not probably getting extremely unpopular amongst my fellow sewing bloggers (sometimes it is helpful not to have any followers) but I am personally not a fan of partner looks. I find them ridiculous. And I am known as the girl who spent the whole week long class trip to Rome looking for the one funny Ancient Rome related T-Shirt that no one else had bought. (For the record, I succeeded. I don’t remember much about Ancient Rome, but I did get a bloody unique T-Shirt).

So, one thing you will never ever see on this blog is a matching outfit for my daughter and me. Definitely not. Sure, for sustainability I am trying to use up every little scrap of fabric which leads to garnments in the same fabric and sure, I don’t spend hours in the morning to unmatch my outfit against my children’s outfits which leads to situations at the GP where one notices that my cozy clown coat looks very similar to my daughters clown trousers. But I would never ever make a set of identical pieces for my daughter and me. I don’t want to look like an 8 year old girl.

Anyway, back to the real purpose of this post. The beautiful “Dschungel” fabric by Lillestoff, designed by Susalabim. I had been waiting for the fabric and the 3 even more beautiful stripy fabrics to combine it with (pink, orange and blue). When they finally had it in the local shop (, I bought a good piece of each of them without really knowing what to make.

My daughter who had recently overcome her dark colours / coolness phase (very, very short) asked me for a pair of leggings, using two different fabrics out of the three stripy ones. What a brilliant idea!

20170915_154247fabric: Dschungel Kombistreifen by Lillestoff, design Susalabim, pattern: leggings Lilly by pattydoo

20170915_161536 (3)

Finally, I started with the real Dschungel fabric and made pyjamas for the little one:

20170917_092347 (2)fabric: Dschungel by Lillestoff, design Susalabim, pattern: Klimperklein Kinderleicht

… and I had just about enough left for a pair of man-leggings for my 6 year old

20170914_082502fabric: Dschungel by Lillestoff, design by Susalabim, pattern: Leggings Lilly by pattydoo

Aren’t they incredibly cool? To be honest, once they were finished, I really wanted a pair for myself. Not sure, if it is appropriate at my age though. As I had planned another trip to I thought destiny should decide: If there was still enough fabric left for a pair of leggings for myself, then it was meant to be. So I went online. Only 25cm left. Hmm, apparently, I was not supposed to wear jungle leggings after all.

But guess what, when we went to the shop that same afternoon, I actually came across that last roll, and it looked definitely more than 25cm. So I took it out of the shelf, carried it carefully to the counter and got it measured: over 1m20. So clearly enough for a pair of leggings for me. It had be waiting for me in the shelf. If that is not destiny, then I don’t know.

20170917_165350fabric: Dschungel by Lillestoff, design by Susalabim, pattern: Lillian and Lilly Leggings by pattydoo



So, it looks like I accidentally managed to make matching pieces after all. But before you start reminding me of what I have said at the beginning of this post: I specifically told you I am never going to show you matching pieces with my daughter. I never said anything about matching mother-son outfits.

Obviously, the girl was deeply hurt by the fact that the boys had matching pieces with me so I had to make her a pair of leggings out of the same trial fabric I had used before making the jungle leggings. But I am not going to show you pictures of it. Definitely not. That would be a whole other level of embarrassement.

And last but not least,  I can show you the remaining stripy fabric out of the three. I used up the last bit of the main jungle to make a little short sleeved top for my daughter and added the pink stripes at the front and the orange ones at the back.

20170918_075004Fabric: Dschungel plus Kombi Streifen by Lillestoff, design by Susalabim, pattern: Pia by pattydoo







Scrap Sunday: The legging project

I have this lovely, pretty and witty friend whose son decided a couple of months ago that he is not wearing trousers anymore. Ever. Under no circumstances. He wants to wear leggings just like his big sister. As these feelings seemed to be very strong, I my lovely friend went and bought leggings, sets of two to make sure that she wouldn’t get into trouble with the big one if the small one had suddenly nicer ones. As it turns out, pink or grey leggings are ok, black leggings aren’t, leggings with butterflies are ok, leggings with teeny tiny pleats at the hem aren’t. It is all rather complicated.

Suddenly it seemed like a good idea to give this pattydoo leggings pattern a go. Up until then I found it slightly pointless to make leggings myself. I did consider to make some out of a thicker material like sweat for the colder season as I know another person who things that trousers are not an option for girls whereas I think that at some point it gets too cold for leggings only. Even in England. I did adapt a fair bit to the English way of not dressing properly when it gets wet and cold but not all the way! If you put your feet under my table, you will wear trousers AND tights when you go outside in winter. And boots. And a hat… But ok, I live here since 8ish years, so I don’t have strong feelings about scarfs or gloves. But definitely trousers! Even if you are a girl! Ok, I am getting side-tracked. So back to leggings.

I still had a rather big piece of the dragon and knight fabric from the lovely shirt I made for the little boy and thought it would look rather interesting as leggings. Certainly something you don’t see very often. I was only a bit worried he might combine the two, which I think, would look a bit silly.



Rather cool, isn’t it.

Now, how about a picture of the boy wearing these? When wearing leggings he generally looks a bit like a 70s rock star. (I quote a friend here, sadly I did not come up with it myself, but it is true).

Well, as it turns out, there is no need for me to worry that he might go for the silly combination of dragon shirt and dragon leggings as obviously he doesn’t wear them at all. So no picture of them in action, sorry.

I also made a pair for my daughter. And they look rather cool too. At least that is what I think.

IMG_3602IMG_3603You might find them not tight enough for leggings. Well that was done on purpose. She is very skinny so I would have had to adapt the pattern but I decided to just go for the right size lengthwise as I thought the fabric might just last longer if it is not constantly stretched over the knees. And as it is a relatively expensive fabric, I would prefer if they last longer as the shop bought leggings.

So, I will definitely make a few more leggings in the future but I guess, it will be limited on the warmer versions which you can hardly find in shops. In that case, I guess it is worth the money.