I am done here

Since a while I had in mind to use either the left over’s of my dress


or a green Hamburger Liebe cotton which I have used for the lining of a bag for a former friend


to make a Frau Aiko by schnittreif – a wide blouse, surprisingly matching to what I have in mind for my two layered breastfeeding top. Well, I haven’t got enough fabric for any of those. Which is annoying because I really don’t want to buy any new fabric right now.

So I made a Langeness panelled skirt instead. With a contrasting border. I meant to use the same contrasting fabric than for the dress in the first picture. But guess what, not enough fabric left. So I had to rummage through my boxes again and realised that a plain lilac cotton was actually the winner. And that I have enough to have a go at Frau Aiko, too. I know I know, a monochrome piece. Hard to believe. Well, you always need to try out new things! I might one day even make something black!

Anyway, I made the skirt, all easy peasy lemon squeezy. In fact a bit too easy peasy lemon squeezy so I decided to set myself a little challenge…. by misplacing the zip.

IMG_5224Impossible to fold down the facing (Lilac) along the seam. What to do? I tell you what! Embrace the problem and turn it into a feature! So I folded the contrasting facing about 3mm over the seam, pressed it flatĀ  and topstitched it to make it look like a piping.


I love those little details. Especially when they are in contrasting colours. But who will ever see that “piped” waistline? Well everybody if you are going to team it with a crop top. Or no one.

There is only a slight problem. I love the look but actually the whole waistline is a bit on the loose side already. And there is still hope that my waist will find its way back home at some point. But I really don’t fancy to remove the whole facing to be able to take the skirt in. What can be done? I guess chocolate is the only solution to this problem.

I finished the skirt yesterday and was proudly wearing it today.




The main skirt has a round hem. But the border is supposed to be cut as a straight rectangle. I am not convinced that this is a good idea as it gives it a little baloon effect and I am just not sure if that works in this particular case.

But anyway, so I was proudly wearing this skirt to an amazing the “event of the year” kind of party when beforementioned former friend approached me and said “Oh, I love the outfit. Did you make it?” “Yes”, I said proudly just wanting to go into detail (feeling very touched that she must obviously have recognised the fabric) when I realised that she was talking about the baby’s outfit! He was wearing some random swedisch high street discounter things! What a disappointment! On so many levels. And shock! What is the purpose of my existence? If a shop bought random baby outfit wins over a handmade skirt? I am guessing it can’t be writing a sewing blog. Last week Brexit and now this! Clearly some changes are needed. I am done here. We will be moving back to Austria! Oh wait, there is no need to rush into this, lets have some informal talks first to get the best deal out of it. And in the meantime I will hop over to RUMS to see what other crafters have created this week.