the girl with the golden top

I have to admit, the girl with the glitter dragonfly dress is not alone. I, too, own since fairly recently something sparkly.

I kept admiring the giant flowers by Susalabim (my new favourite designer in case you haven’t noticed) featuring dark grey and yellow flowers on a grey background. When I saw it on a shopping trip, I took a bit and only realised at home that the yellow was actually gold. I guess, I deserve a little bit of gold, so never mind.

The fabric is a super soft modal and together with the giant flowers it would be ideal for a dress. But for someone who never wears dresses I do have too many already so I made a Usedom by Schnittreif. The loose fit and the bat wings make it just perfect to accommodate my wobbly tummy without looking pregnant.

IMG_6068 (3)

pattern: Usedom by schnittreif, fabric: modal Riesenblumen by Susalabim, lillestoff





I love it, it ticks a lot of boxes, quick to sew, supersoft material, comfortable to wear, unusual print, somehow neutral colours (in comparison with the rest of my wardrobe) and most importantly, apple puree seems to be blending in.

And in case you are wondering about the quality of the pictures – they are meant to look like this. This is called artistic. Honestly. It wasn’t easy to make them look like this.

Over to RUMS now, to see if other are better photographers.


Revolutionary method for younger looking skin in seconds

Method for younger looking skin? Is this the right blog? Yes it is, slightly off topic maybe but still the right place. And as you will see, there is still a connection with crafts.


Have you ever asked yourself what makes you feel or look particularly old? Is it when you are celebrating your grand mother’s 102 birthday and she is still dancing when you are already longing for a nice cup of tea?

Or is it rather when you are surrounded by people in their twenties showing off an unreasonable amount of flawless and smooth skin? Are you then suddenly aware of all those wrinkles you have accumulated over the years?

For me it is clearly the latter. I see them sometimes in their natural habitat and wonder if they are actually aware of the fact that they are at the top of their natural beauty and that it will only go downhill from there. Or are they blissfully unaware and actually enjoying their lives?

Whatever they are thinking in these moments of smoothness (probably how to keep their trousers from falling down completely but that is a completely different matter and needs to be discussed by some gravity specialist), my focus is usually drawn to every single wrinkle in my own face and on my own neck. And it makes me think what I could do to improve my appearance. So lets analyse the problem. Clearly the smoothness surrounding me makes my own wrinkles come out more. Which leads to two options, either I am getting rid of my wrinkles (lots of companies are making lots of money with unrealistic promises) or I do something against the surrounding smoothness….  And now, tell me, what did you think when you saw the picture at the beginning of this post?

Did you think “Oh my gosh that is one wrinkly neck! Her postings are always sparkling of fun, energy and youth but looking at that neck she must be at least 39 years of age!”

Or did you think: “Goodness, I always thought this blog is written by some mature and clever woman full of sewing wisdom but clearly she doesn’t even own an iron! She must be in her twenties. ”

See! You can either spend a fortune on creams or surgery to smoothen some of the wrinkles in your face or you actually add some wrinkles near or around your face by carefully creasingyour clothes.  You won’t safe time but money!

Lets try again! Look at this close up! What’s your first thought?


An unironed shirt worn by a young looking woman. And a beautiful contrasting seam in an otherwise unusually (for this blog) monochrom Usedom– shirt.

Point proven! So how is it done?

Don’t use your iron to create creases! The sharp iron pleats will give it an unnatural look. Just crunch your top into a ball when it is still wet and then hang it up to dry. Fold it loosely and keep it in your wardrobe, ideally under a pile of other clothes.

You can also refresh a flattened fabric by gently dampen it (why not use the steam of your iron?) before crunching it up again. Simply leave it crunched up to fully dry before wearing it.

Just be warned: Don’t overdo it! I was actually worried no one would notice the rather mild crunches in those pictures. What a relief when I looked at them on the screen and saw that they had come out beautifully.

But before you are running off to crunch up all your clothes, lets have another look at my new Usedom and its nice white seam at the sleeve. This time I went for a normal sleeve instead of the very wide cuffs as seen in the parrot version.

IMG_5195I think I like the other sleeve type better. It emphasises the batwing shape. But I like this top, too. The colour and the fact that I was acutally able to sew a monochrome piece. Well apart from those few seams. But I am digressing from the actual topic of revolutionary skin care.

So let’s just hop over to RUMS and see if anybody else went for the crunch look or if they have actually ironed their clothes before presenting them to the world.





Spring brings new life…. into my wardrobe

A week has passed since the last Me Made May post and lets see where we are pledgewise…

Wardrobe is still unsorted, but I still have 2 weeks to do that.

I have been wearing me made things 4 times already, but only two different items.

One of them is a new make, so lets have a look:

As you might remember I bought a couple of schnittreif patterns, started with a Frau Emma size L which turned out too big so I made the batwing shirt Usedom, my preferred pattern anyway in size M. Which was a good decision.

I had bought quite a lot of cheap viscose jersey for my breastfeeding top project and intended to use a bit of the teal one as I thought that might look classy.

But then I realised that the left overs of the plum-magenta (not sure how you would call this colour), bought at least two years ago, might just be enough. I would need some stretch jersey for neck, hemline and cuffs though and found a bit of orange and a bit of teal. What a coincidence. If not a sign. Could we say that this is my all time favourite colour combination?


I had even considered it for the fashion course dress which in the end I kept simple 😉 with teal-orange and shiny anthracite for a more glamorous evening look. I wanted a good mark and I am happy with the final dress but just imagine those trims would have been in bright magenta!


But back to the actual topic of this post. The signs or the destiny of my fabric boxes. I swear there was only this one small piece of teal stretch jersey left to make those two cuffs and a slightly bigger and especially longer piece of orange to cut two stripes for neck and hem. If that is not a sign than I don’t know. Plus I would not have had enough of the magenta jersey to make the whole thing (nor would it have been stretchy enough)


After all that excitement I am slightlly disappointed colourwise. It is not horrible but it doesn’t really work. I am not sure why. Is it unbalanced? The orange is much lighter than the teal and the magenta. So it should be the one in the middle. It’s actually the cuffs that I don’t like. So maybe they just shouldn’t be in a different colour? I am kind of considering to chop them off. And put orange ones instead. It would at least be more balanced. But maybe too pyjama-y. And I could use the teal ones to make an all teal Usedom. I think that could work well.

All this talking about the colour combination sounds a bit out of proportion negative, I do still like that particular combination. But lets have a look at the shape and fit. I really like it. It is loose without being unflattering. And it is totally different from the rest of my wardrobe. Plus, even if it is not a breastfeeding top, it is still bf friendly. IMG_4875 IMG_4874 IMG_4873

So there will be defintily more Usedoms joining the family, maybe even cuffless ones. I think that might be nice and airy for summer.

Enough talking, time to sleep and only ten minutes left for the RUMS deadline, so I better hurry and link it there. And then I can see what others have made for themselves.