I have finally knitted something where I had to use my brain a little bit (really only a  little bit) and I really struggled….. I am clearly not used to it any more. I guess I need some brain exercise and what would be better than knitting!

Anyway, so I made a Life on Sundays by Veera Vaelimaeki using some DyeForYarn Merino/Silk. It is a striped triangular scarf with slipped and twisted stitches.

It is a beautiful pattern but it really took me a while, a few ripped rows and a few stitches that needed to be dropped in order to fix something. And at some point, I had actually a “disappeared stitch”. That was really a new experience for me and it took me ages to find where it had gone as there was no obvious hole.

I guess I have learned a few (obvious) lessons from this project.

If you are winding yarn into balls and then keep them for months before knitting, keep the ball bands as you might start a project using two different weights of yarn 🙂

Think before you start. Choose the right colour as main/contrasting colour. Thin stripes with very contrasting colours might actually not look that good from further away especially if it is a rather loose knit.

If you are using a new pattern, don’t knit while your children want to play with you. Especially not if it is something with many stitches on the needle.

Anyway, it was a very nice project and I am definitely going to use the pattern again. as usual, this one is not even made for me….

And one of my next projects will definitely be something for MEEEEE. Except that I need to make a few other things first….