on the other side…

Just a quick picturesque update on the window yarn bombing. Somehow I am not as quick as I thought, slowed down by all sorts of things, visitors staying, possible bronchitis in combination with stiff neck, children refusing both to cook or going to nursery by themselves,….

Anyway, there is still lots to do but this is how far I got:Vase 01

Vase 02

Vase 03

Vase 04

Vase 05

I put the vase up first and left it empty for a couple of days so people passing and eventually noticing it could wonder what on earth that thing would mean.

The initial plan was to add one or two flowers each day but as I said, I am producing them much slower and I am nowhere near the end. There is still lots of space for more….

And as my daughter suggested, there should also be a bee and maybe a butterfly. I really like that idea and will definitely add them.

Some of the flower pattern I found at oddknits, others are variations of something that I had seen in a book ages ago.

I also want to pick up crochet again and add some crocheted flowers, so far only some of the stems and leaves are. I kind of used the tutorial at the twisted yarn but without actually knowing English crochet vocabulary … so I might have gotten it totally wrong. They still look like leaves though.

I am very pleased with it so far, and I hope it cheers up people who pass, especially those who continuously mistake our house for the dentist next door 🙂

but considering the slow pace I wonder if I will ever get to do the two other, much bigger, windows.

still to be continued…

Window bombing is progressing slowly and my initial plan of step-by-step revelation has changed this morning when I saw the display against the sun and through the white blinds.


So you’ll have to wait a little longer to see the other side of it 🙂

And for all those who are more interested in the football world cup than knitting (thanks for following the blog anyway 🙂 ), a piece of Football – Sachertorte for you. Enjoy.

IMG_1940It turns out to be the perfect breakfast if you want overexcited children on a sugar high.

But now lets go and enjoy this sunny sunday.


to be continued…

First of all, good news: I have finally managed to create something without any major mistakes.

I made a “rainbow skirt” for my niece and as the first attempt turned out pretty good, just with minor imperfections, I gave it to my begging daughter and made another one for my nieces third birthday, luckily with even less mistakes 🙂

It looks really nice and cheerful, the white rickrack links the coloured panels beautifully. It is almost a complete circle, and with a white underskirt really fluffy and comfortable. And the elastic waistband makes it not only super easy to put on by an independent 3 year old but it is also flexible enough to be worn for a long time. I almost want one for myself 🙂

But back to knitting. A couple of months ago, I was talking about yarn bombing being a big dream and that –  being lazy and cowardly – I might start small by yarn bombing the windows.

And I have finally started…

IMG_1915to be continued…


Space for more

IMG_1739So the 3in1 is done and I am really pleased with the result. The Wollmeise yarn is lovely, very rich and intense colours, the pattern is great, really my style, I love the extra long sleeves.

IMG_1755I wasn’t too happy with the buttons initially but once I had sewn them on, I found them rather perfect.

The only problem really is that I still don’t know when to wear it. It is too precious to be worn with my children and their sticky fingers in sight. And it is also a woollen jumper and even in England we do expect something like spring and summer coming up now.

Never mind, I haven’t knitted anything big for myself since ages and it was about time.

Now, I still have to pack for our Easter trip starting tomorrow and I am still undecided… should I finish my longtime WIP, should I finally write down a few beginner patterns for my knitting students or should I start the next project as I just got the yarn for it.

And there is still the window yarn bombing in my mind….IMG_1742That is the window next to our door. It would be very nice to have something welcoming there (or something to make it a bit clearer that we are in fact NOT the dentist next door 😉 ) But I am not sure if I should draw attention to this window as it is uncleanable and then the dirt of I don’t know how many years would just really stand out.

This is the main window and it definitely needs some kind of decoration.

IMG_1743. Sadly I am suffering from a severe lack of ideas and need help. Any suggestions are welcome.  I wonder if I should do some kind of work in progress as otherwise I will never be able to do it anyway. Maybe going with the seasons? So I could add bit by bit and then maybe replace things? (I guess I am a little too late for my Easter decoration)

Or just wrap the bars one by one in different colours in some kind of pattern.

But now it is time to fill the half empty suitcases with an overambitious amount of yarn.