Terrific top trilogy

Since my last post about tops and T-shirts, I have managed to make a few more. I haven’t managed to adapt the pattern the way I wanted though. I meant to change the raglan line but failed. Very confidently I did cut the good fabric though. Then I had a little crisis. Then I tried to at least safe it and could actually still use the pieces and cut again following the original pieces even though it meant that I had to shorten the front and back.

Once finished, I found the sleeves too short and added cuffs.

My daughter thinks, I look like a child. How silly. I think it looks like a perfectly mature woman in her pyjamas. And what is wrong with that?


As you can see with these contrasting fabrics, the raglan line is not ideal. It would be much better a bit more sleeve and less body.

Anyway, I also made two more short sleeved ones. Here one out of a lovely fabric that is apparently unsuitable for grown ups, too. She’s just jealous I guess.




And since this pattern is supposed to be my new staple T-shirt, I made a first monochrome, too. Well almost monochrome. I tried really hard. Honestly.

I have used a viscose jersey for this one which feels nice and thin so far.



The slightly messed up neck line reminded me that I meant to make one with a little gathered bit in the centre of the neckline. I think this would fall nicely. Next time. But for now, I need to work on other things. Just saying sliiiiiiiightly delayed birthday present.  So watch this space while I go over to RUMS to watch other ladies’ projects.

Early midlife crisis

I think I might have a problem. I struggle a bit with age appropriate behaviour. Or rather taste. A couple of weeks ago I made a birthday cake for a family member.

IMG_1940(Sadly, I am cheating, the picture is from last year, this year I messed it up and wouldn’t want to show this year’s interpretation of a football online).

“Lovely” you might think. “A football cake for her son”. No, it is a football cake for her husband.

And then I made this skirt, after carefully (translates: spending 20min) choosing fabric combinations:

IMG_3541IMG_3540IMG_3539“Lovely” you might think. “A colourful skirt for her daughter”. No, it is a colourful skirt for herself.

And you know what? I do not regret it. I even want to make another one. They are perfect as I can wear them now and after pregnancy. I do slightly worry about my taste though as I clearly have the taste of a 5 year old.  Except that the real 5 year old is much better at this. This is what she chose for her skirt:

IMG_3568It took her about half an hour back and forth and comparing and I found the combination really bonkers but she was right. It is perfect. Maybe a step too far for me to wear but no need to worry, I am not making a bigger version of it.

IMG_3571This is very similar to my orange bit and it is the one that i used as a lining for my niece’s bag.

IMG_3570This fabric is actually a rather thick cotton, not really suitable for a skirt but it worked. You might see this one again, probably in bag form 🙂

IMG_3569My daughter insisted on this one when I ordered fabrics a while ago. I was secretly making fun of this choice… until I realised that it reminded me a bit of this one (sorry no picture yet) which I had ordered for myself (in the same order). I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 🙂

Oh, and a little update on the taste of the other apple:

Remember, he usually comments all my finished products with a polite “No, thank you.” Well, I realised that I never make things he has asked me for or where he had actually chosen the fabric. This time it was a little bit different. He could chose the fabric and I suggested then a top (as it was a jersey) and he decided on one with a hood.

IMG_3554Lovely, isn’t it. I would have preferred orange sleeves but I didn’t quite have enough orange fabric left. Not even for the hood lining.

Anyway, I proudly (and nervously) presented the finished top and got a…..

“Thank you, can you please put it in my drawer. I will wear it tomorrow”

Which he didn’t.

He did wear it once though. When it had about 35 degrees, with the hood up.

IMG_3556And I was desperate enough to let him. Oh, well, the saga will continue, I haven’t given up just yet 🙂