Never e v e r again

My daughter likes cats? Why? I do not know? She thinks they are cute. I don’t. I personally only know 2 cats. No 1 was the cat of a flatmate about 20 years ago. She peed in my bed. Twice. Because I had offended her by leaving her alone to attend a lecture at university.

No 2 does worse in our garden. Probably because we have offended her by not letting her in our flat. Let me just point out that I am not the owner of said cat. I just happen to live in the neighbourhood. Why am I telling you this? Oh, yes, we were talking about cats. So my daughter likes them and as the loving and caring mother I am about 50% of my time, I thought I could make a top for her out of Mademoiselle Chat by Lillestoff, designed by Tante Gisi. It is a rapport fabric, featuring a giant cat head rather than a small print pattern. Already it looked giant for my skinny girl so I was looking for pattern for an oversized shirt to make sure that the whole cat fits on her tiny chest. And I found a lovely layered top, Lotty by kibadoo (so lovely that I bought the grown up version, too).

What I did not realise until I opened the folded piece of fabric, there were actually two giant cat heads rather than just one for the front of the top and lots of background for back and sleeves as I had expected it. Now, this is no ones fault obviously, I am not experienced in these kind of fabrics and wasn’t even aware of the different options and that it would be worth to check. The main reason why I do not like these types of fabric is that you can not use them very economically. There are always giant pieces left that are hard to use up. And this has really been my main goal the last couple of weeks. To get more space in my stash cupboard. So, it was just reeeeally annoying, that the one time I was thinking I could use only one piece of fabric and actually use it up, I actually had to buy two more pieces, one for the top layer and one for the top peeking out. Which meant I ended up with three huge pieces of left overs.

Lots of moaning, I know. But if you are living in Vienna you are legally obliged to spend at least 80% of your time being grumpy.

However, without that silly fabric saving background story, I am really pleased with the result. I do love the top, even if there is a cat grinning at me whilst probably secretly planning where to leave her next surprises.

DSC_1044 (2)pattern: Lotty by kibadoo, fabric: Mademoiselle Chat, designed by Tante Gisi for Lillestoff, Rapunzelringel and blue jersey all by Lillestoff

DSC_1045 (2)

I am really pleased I have been forced to looking for a new pattern. I have always been a fan of layers but I am not particularly fan of tracing patterns in 50 different sizes.

As I said, I have already bought the grown-up version MaLotty as well and made a lovely top for myself:

stretchy top underneath….

DSC_1111pattern: MaLotty by kibadoo, fabric: Lillestoff, surprise paquet

… plus oversized top layer…

DSC_1122fabric: Botanical by Hamburger Liebe for Albstoffe

…equals…. cool look


Obviously it looks much cooler when worn but that would mean changing the complete outfit and finding a competent photographer which seems far too much effort at the moment. So, I’llĀ  leave it to your imagination. Just let me tell you that I find it so cool that I have already cut out the next combination, I simply haven’t got the time to sew it as I want to finish my private charity project first.