Scrap Sunday: Neck Sock

Yes, a neck sock. Well, a neck warmer I guess, but when looking for ideas online, I discovered that the Germans call it apparently a “neck sock”.

Anyway, I wanted to make something for my lovely midwife and as she is a cyclist, I thought she might need something to keep her neck warm. Obviously I don’t do a simple neck sock made of a lovely fabric. So, I chose some fabrics that should remind her of all those lovely people around her. All these fabrics are left overs from clothes that I made for my children, her son, the sons of a very dear friend and you might also recognise my maternity shirt πŸ™‚


Even I realised that this combination would not be wearable in some people’s eyes so I combined it with some grey sweat.Β  I joined the squares in two sets of four and cut out four pieces following a pattern of olilu (I made it a few cm higher)


To make it slightly more complicated and the grey side a bit more exciting, I added an orange edge, a bit like piping but without a cord. A little trick: to make sure that I could sew the sides together easily, I only started the piping 2cm from the edge.


And voila: a smart grey neck warmer with a fancy orange edge….


… and a crazy lining with lots of memories … IMG_4188


And obviously you could wear the whole thing inside out as it is reversible.

I made two simpler ones for my children too. They obviously wear the colourful side outside and the boring sweat inside.

IMG_4224 IMG_4223

They are really practical. Actually, they are great when you have a baby in the sling. It keeps your neck warm without anything too bulky hanging over the baby nose. I always borrow my husband’s one which I had made him for Christmas:

IMG_4430I do wear it grey side out though. I don’t want to be seen with such a boyish fabric fabric πŸ˜‰

And just for the record, I made him a hat, too. With the fabric that he had requested when he had seen the hat for my nephew

IMG_4428perfect match, I know πŸ™‚


Scrap Sunday: urgently needed or another cheat scrap sunday post

The good thing about scrap Sunday is that suddenly I seem to be going away for the weekend a lot. So from that point of view the challenge has been a huge success. From the quality of posts probably not. But I do not have to read them so never mind πŸ™‚

This time I am enjoying the lovely English coast, I finally had a proper Cream Tea (lovely but I did fancy the children’s selection with brownie more) and I had lots of time to knit hats for the shop whilst worrying about the content of this scrap post. I did consider to take a picture of the 5 cm long crochet chain which I found in my bag. My daughter had made it. She isn’t even 5 so hasn’t got enough patience to crochet anything longer than that, but it is still a wonderfully useful example of how to use up scrap yarn πŸ˜‰

But yesterday morning said crochet genius woke up with a stiff neck and was crying and sobbing a lot (I guess mainly out of irritation)

So I wrapped a muslin square around her neck (I knew I should pack some of these incredibly live saving pieces of fabric in our suitcase) and quickly knitted her a sort of neck warmer during the drive to our outing. I had to finish the last few rows on board of the old fashioned steam train which seemed a very good knitting location anyway and she was ready to enjoy the fresh sea breeze πŸ™‚


I put it over the muslin square as it is a bit wide for the neck. On purpose, as I am planning to Β open the cast off and continue it into a hat or actually … maybe I will make it even a little bit longer and keep it as neck warmer and maybe add a lining .

So technically it is once again not a scrap project but I did use less than a ball and it is still better than a 5 cm crochet chain πŸ™‚