Why I should be doing a class “Internet for the generation 60+

Once again, it has been a while. My excuse? Obviously there is no excuse for not posting. There is an explanation at the best. As someone who really doesn’t understand how Internet and all this modern stuff works (cookies are something to ear, right?), I blissfully ignored for months the warnings about the new European Data Regulation. Don’t get me wrong, I think there should be much stricter laws for the big companies. But not for tiny blogs with no readers like this one. Anyway, finally it began to dawn on me that my blog would be illegal. Unbearable for someone who doesn’t even go against the one-way with the bike. So, I started to do some research. Lots of words in a strange language that I didn’t understand and I actually ended up taking a class “Dos and Don’ts of blogging” with a lovely lady who mentioned that she is also running classes for the elderly. Which sounded just right for me. But anyway, her tips about Data Protection Policy made it sound very simple, like a couple of words only. Whilst I am not at all convinced, I finally managed to update all this legal stuff (hoping that even my lawyer followers would be too lazy to even read it) and needed another break of several weeks to recover from all this.

The lovely lady also gave us lots of advice on how to write articles. Catching title, short sentences, well researched facts,… I was wondering what she would think about the nonsense I keep producing.

So, now that the legal stuff is done, I can finally think of the perfect project to post about for my come back.

Should I just start with a random selection of a few cute things I have produced over the last months?

like a couple of onesies for both warm and cold nights….

pattern: Klimperklein Babyleicht, Babyanzug, fabrics: Lillestoff, Stoffonkel, Lillestoff

a few quick and simple skirts …

patterns: 1 Ballonrock by Lybstes and lots of Rock’n Rolls by Klimperklein, fabrics: mostly Lillestoff

a selection of incredibly cool shirts….

patterns: Paul by pattydoo with a neckline with buttons, after a tutorial by Hamburger Liebe, Pia by pattydoo, Knopfshirt by klimperklein, Luise by Fritzi and Schnittreif and hoody Leo by pattydoo. fabrics: mostly Lillestoff Glueckspakete and a few old basics and numbers bought at Biostoffe

or a few tiny cute things for tiny cute people …

patterns: all by Klimperklein: Knopftunika, Knopfshirt, Babyhose (all from Babyleicht) and Raglankleid (tunic version), fabrics: mainly Glueckspakete and other remnants on sale plus one fabric I actually got as a gift from a friend. 

Note: These are only a few examples… Looks like a lot. You might be wondering who is actually wearing all this stuff. Well, some my children, some my nephew and nieces. But as there aren’t quite enough to satisfy my need of wearers (especially no cute little girls anymore) I have turned into a slightly weird person making things for random people…. some would probably call them friends and neighbours. My favourite people are actually under 1s. They are great for using up left overs. They will still get something nice for their birthday and then I drop them like a hot potato and start looking for new victims.

But as nice as this selection might be, it really doesn’t qualify as come back post so I will have to find something better for my first post….




Progress update

I have started to write this progress update a few days ago, before the shocking  attacks in Paris and initially I found it inappropriate to post about silly things like crafts as if nothing has happened. But I guess it is the opposite, we can’t stop doing the things that we like doing. A lot did happen and it doesn’t only concern people in Paris or France. It concerns all of us and the European idea of humanity, no borders, freedom and tolerance has been threatened once again (in addition to the inability of the political system to deal with the refugee crisis with dignity and as a unity).

So my thoughts are with those who have lost innocent family members or friends who were enjoying a nice time out. I really hope together we will manage to ensure a future for our children in a world of freedom and tolerance.

Following the progress post as I had initially written it – happiness and sadness so close together.

Once again, I have missed one or two posts on Sunday, but I have been rather busy lately and I guess, it is time to update you a bit.

So, as you might remember, the extended family has been waiting for a couple of babies to arrive and I am pleased to say that they finally did. One more finally than the other.

Whilst I was busy waiting and my mum – who had come over to be on stand by for childcare – was busy rescheduling and rescheduling her flight back home, I made a few little things to keep my mind off the waiting game.

So, I have started to use up the left overs from the baby blankets – I still haven’t written a proper post about them, have I? But you might remember this progress picture:


Anyway, I have started to knit cardigans, using a wrongly ordered blue merino (the colour was too close to the dark blue one I had already bought) as a base colour, adding some stripes in the blanket left overs. A third one with green stripes is still in the making.


I also made a few more hats for my nephew and nieces using up some jersey. They requested beanies and as I am obsessed with the idea of reversible hats (no ugly seams inside plus getting to use two lovely fabrics instead of just one), I went for the version with ribbing at the bottom. I am not entirely convinced about the ribbing but I haven’t seen them on the heads in question. The pattern is the same klimperklein e-book as before.

IMG_4032 IMG_4038

The stripy one is for my oldest nephew, both fabrics are left overs from shirts that I had actually made for him, somehow I did not photograph the red and blue version


Then we have the girly one, left over from my daughters clown leggings and one future left over from a lovely fabric that I bought for myself.

And last but definitely not least the hat for the 4 year old. Left overs from shirt and leggings for my son and future left over of many little boy and baby boy things.

My husband loves the fireman one. He said he wants one for himself. I laughed politely. He said, he is serious. The man who never wears the boring stripy shirt I made for him. Clearly I do completely misjudged his taste 🙂 And I guess, we are a perfect match.

I also made a corduroy dress for my daughter using a Burda pattern.

IMG_4148 Kleid

Again a fabric that I kind of bought for myself. I actually want to have that dress (Told you, perfect match 🙂 ), well maybe a slightly more grown up version (basically without the rig rag and the buttons. But definitely with the pockets). But I don’t quite see the corduroy working as a breastfeeding dress plus I am planning to be covered in milk and vomit for the next few months, so I decided to make a dress for my daughter to be able to enjoy the fabric.

Maybe one word to the pattern: The front is not put on fold but two pieces sewn together which makes sense for one of the proposed fabric mix versions but not for this one. I really wonder why I am still not confident enough to see that right from the beginning and alter the pattern according to my needs.

Oh, and before all of that I had also made two more bags as birthday presents. One for the lovely mother of the little girl I had made the very first one. As she kept using her daughters bag, I thought it was about time to make her her own.

IMG_3966 IMG_3959 IMG_3961 IMG_3963

and one for my daughter’s birthday. She has basically asked for it since May, when I had made the very first one of the series. It only took me about 6 months. Not bad. And I think I have now more or less ticked all the things of my to do list I had posted a couple of weeks or months ago.IMG_3964


As you can see, going 10 days past due date made me finish quite a few things. When everything was done, all I could do, was going to my knitting class, listening to a few horror induction stories, which seemed to scare the young man so much that a couple of hours later I had to rush (and I mean to rush) to hospital to quickly (and I mean quickly) give birth to a beautiful baby. 10 days after his due date and 2 days after the appearance of my equally beautiful new nephew who – much better behaved – was only a couple of days late.

And obviously it is now time for a new to do list, especially as I am unable to remember anything at all.