I didn’t actually say “never”. Or did I?

It’s the first of December, so time to open the first door of the advent calendar. My children got vouchers for Christmas jumpers, or rather Christmas shirts. Why vouchers only? Because the shirts do not fit into the bags!

I did not mean to make the jumpers myself, but when I discovered the lovely, or rather supercool, Weihnachtstiere by Tante Gisi at biostoffe.at I couldn’t resist.

It features two giant Christmas themed motives, just ideal for the fronts of two shirts. So, you will only need two more fabrics for backs and sleeves. Nothing more.

I know, the clever clogs amongst my readers will feel the urge to remind me of my last post and that I said I would never e v e r again buy fabrics with one big panel. Clearly, I did not really mean never. There is no need to be so pedantic! After all, English is not my first language and minor vocabulary slips can happen to all of us. And anyway, the use of hyperbole is a sign of the highest level of rhetorical style and finesse! If you don’t get that than it is clearly not the fault of the speaker but of the recipient!


Now, obviously this would look much nicer when worn by three pretty and well-behaved children. But as two-thirds decided not to wear them today and one-third decided to spill blood over it (nothing major, nothing that would justify to ruin a new shirt pre pictures at least, don’t worry), unfortunately this is all we will ever get.

DSC_1205pattern: Paul by pattydoo, fabric: Weihnachtstiere, designed by Tante Gisi for Lillestoff and red Kuller by Stoffonkel

DSC_1206pattern: Paul by pattydoo, fabric: Weihnachtstiere, designed by Tante Gisi for Lillestoff and stripes

DSC_1207pattern: Paul by pattydoo, fabric: I give you my heart, petrol by Stoffonkel and some more stripes