Door 10 – something special

The postman just delivered something that I have been waiting for since days, so it is almost like Christmas already 🙂

Last week I had ordered a couple of balls of a Merino/Silk DK of Dye For Yarn . Or was it Dye For Wool? It doesn’t really matter as both two the same two German dyers who produce really nice stuff. They have different blends of the finest fibres, lots of lace and fingering weight, occasionally heavier ones too. I have so far tried different Merino/Silk blends and they are just incredibly soft and nice to wear on the skin.


They only dye small batches in the same dye, so you are really getting something very special for very special occasions. And the colours are all just gorgeous, there are very subtle variations which makes the knitted item just look so much more vivid. I always struggle to choose and usually end up buying too much 🙂

And knitting with it is just a pleasure, I can’t wait….

And it is just a bonus that this special yarn comes from a small company rather than a big one, so it is even better.

What is your favourite yarn for the very special knits?

Colours everywhere

I don’t know about you but I really like strong and bright colours. Especially as it is all grey when I look out of the window. It is may though, isn’t it?

Maybe I suffer from some kind of parrot syndrome or lets call it rainbow syndrome, that sounds slightly better…. Anyway, I really love these few tops that I have knitted using the “Versa” pattern by Shannon Passmore. She has a great blog too:

There is also more info on this pattern with even more pictures on my projects – page.

This blue-purple-red one, I made  for my niece last year and I have been told that she has been wearing it a lot. And as it is a tunic, it fitted her for ages. In fact I think it still does:

bold colours with pockets

bold colours with contrasting pockets

For the next two, I have used rather sunny colours, they remind me a bit of a sunset:

sunset colours, pockets and bow

sunset colours, pockets and bow

I also really like the details. The bow is fully stitched on, I guess it would look nicer if it wasn’t so securely stitched on but I made it in a under 2 size so I wanted to be on the safe side.  The pockets are really small as it is a small garment but my daughter always managed to get at least a tissue in hers and she just loved them.

I have used Lana Grossa Elastico Big for these. It really comes in great shades. It is a cotton yarn with 4% Polyester. I guess I can live with such a tiny amount, it still has all the good sides of cotton and is just more stretchy, which is very good for this type of garment that should sit closely to the body.

On the other end of the intensity scale there is this set of cardigans for newborns for hopefully soon to be born twins (and they better are the announced girl and boy 🙂 ) And even if I am normally a fan of bright and bold colours, I do like this yarn a lot. It is just right for tiny new babies. It is a discontinued yarn (Rowan purelife organic cotton DK)  so I will only be able to make a few very precious little things out of my last stock anyway.

softness for newborn twins

softness for newborn twins

I guess this project deserves its own post, hopefully with better pictures…. I just need time to catch up with everything I have done….