Shriek Sunday: eye catching body parts

Warning: This post contains the description of unspeakable things, female body parts misused for baby feeding and there is even a picture of a BREAST. Naked. Really.

The holidays are finally coming to an end. We have done lots but nothing spectacular (unless you call a daily visit to the same playground spectacular). As we didn’t travel anywhere, we frequently pretended to be tourists and had lots of unhealthy food or healthy food in the pretend cafe at our dining table. (Can’t recommend this place, ridiculous prices, a single breadstick for £1!) We had stomach bugs, teething, eye tests, two visits to the fun fair and one immunisation which lead to multiple running away threats (a day later even). He would have taken his sister and initially the baby brother. But as this one needs to be breastfed he would have left him behind with the horrible mother that drags her children to nurses with needles. Which leads to today’s topic: the baby hat in the shape of a female breast or as others would call it: the booby beanie.

A dear friend of mine and midwife wants to learn knitting to be able to knit a booby beanie. As she wanted to present one in about a weeks time, I offered to knit one for her and let her learn knitting without the stress of a deadline.

I followed this pattern, written by Amanda Rundquist (she seems to focus on food now and I will definitely check out the website. That burger looks rather yummy, even at 8.30 in the morning (well, it is almost lunch time for me, I am up since a few hours).

I used some Rowan handknit cotton from my stash.  I chose the yarn because it was the one that came closest to my own skin colour, but it looks a bit unhealthy, not enough red in it. However, I think it will be presented to a bunch of Japanese midwifes, so it might not be totally wrong, maybe a bit too pale.

I did see a few hats online that were white or light pink with a bright pink nipple. I guess these colours make the hat look cuter but I personally think if I choose to put a breast on the head of my baby than it is a statement. Tongue-in-cheek pro breastfeeding in public. So I think the more natural and realistic the better.

I altered the pattern slightly as I was comparing with my own reality. So the colour change is two rows later but I didn’t decrease down to 5 stitches for the I-cord and did a few rounds with 8 stitches instead to form the nipple.


I knitted the smaller size and didn’t do a tension square as it will only be used as a sample but it fitted the baby well enough to wear it for a picture 🙂

Stillkappe 2And if you stare hard enough, you can actually see my skin! Really. I tried hard to cover my breast with that baby but I failed. Luckily this was in the privacy of my home and not in a public space 😉




yarn bombing result

Here I am again ☺

I still owe you pictures of the yarn bombed tree. In fact we had enough for three trees in the Physic Garden at the Dalgarno estate. Corner Nine organised  and funded the project. We had a end of party project that almost blew me away, literally.

The tree we had planned to yarn bomb.


and a second one.


with a few details

and the third one which is my personal favourite.


I like the shape and the smooth surface which shows off the knitting much better as the rather knobby No 2 plus there is my daughters piece coincidentally joined with mine. Isn’t that romantic? There will be a joined piece of work of us forever in London, even if we are long gone (back to Austria, back to Austria, I am not overdramatising things, don’t worry)

What I meant to say….

Surprisingly having a new born (well, he really is a month already, so he has opened his eyes finally) does seem to reduce my time on the computer, sewing machine, knitting needles,… a tiny bit. So, what I meant to say/post…

+ on the first Sunday of advent:I hope you are all having a lovely advent, getting ready for Christmas.


This is our advent wreath. I bought the wreath and put the candles and the ribbon on myself. I guess, one can tell 🙂

We have also put up the knitted wreath in the window (Note: I am reusing a lot of old pictures in this post. This year’s version had been put up in a rush – still took me two days in total – and therefore looks like a horse shoe with a bow, not worth a picture :))


+ on 1st December: Time to open the advent calendar:



This year, mummy got one, too. I thought I’d deserve it this year. I ordered it from VRENIding, a German online fabric and haberdashery shop. There was not only a choice of calendars but I could also give some information about the age of my children (as I went for the calendar “mum plus daughter and son”) but also likes and dislikes re colours, fabrics,….


I was very excited when the box arrived. I wish I could hang up my bags too. But that would be too tempting and there is simply no space.

Anyway, opening the first bag brought back some childhood memories 🙂


But I have to admit, I didn’t quite get what the first item was, until my daughter explained it to me. Cookie cutter ok. But what was it? A rabbit? An alien with two heads? And what has this to do with sewing?

IMG_4231It’s scissors, mummy! of course. Silly me.

When I ordered the calendar, I took a slightly risky decision. After all it cost around 75 Euro as far as I remember. From a shop I had never ordered before. But so far, I am really pleased. We are only on day 7 and I got already 3 pieces of fabric and one piece of ribbing. I would say, not bad at all. Of course the fabrics are not huge so it might not always be straight forward to choose what to use them for. But then, for roughly 3 Euro per bag, I can not expect a meter of nice fabric each day. And I guess, it is almost like buying lots of scrap fabrics to make lots of scrap projects for Scrap Sunday 🙂

+ any day really: I just wanted to post a picture of the trio of scrap cardigans as I have not only finished them but also given them to a special courier who will hopefully deliver them to the right babies.

First of all, the three blankets. Ours is the one with the red-orange border. It would have looked much better without the green centre. But I loved the green. And the two other blankets in our house have green in it. So it seemed like a clever idea. The purple turquoise one is my niece’s and the blue green one is my nephew’s.

For the cardigans, I used a slightly lighter blue than the dark one used in the boys’ blankets. I had ordered it as the second blue for ours but it was too close to the dark one. So it was enough for three cardigans and I almost completely used up the other colours. In fact, another orange stripe would have been perfect but I was short of half a row only and had to unravel to the last complete stripe.


And looking at the picture now, I realise that the contrast between the orange and the red is not quite strong enough. It would have been better to use the blue for the thin stripes, just as I did with the green version. Hmm. Never mind. He will never wear it anyway. He vomits far to much to be allowed a hand knitted woolen cardigan 🙂

And I would have preferred green buttons for the green one. Why are there no decent green buttons? Anywhere? This is something I am wondering since a long time.

I have made these mainly whilst waiting for an overdue baby. Since he is born I have managed this much (knittingwise):


I meant to knit a pair of fingerless gloves for my lovely midwife. Considering that this is only the first one, winter might be over before I manage to finish the pair. I also find it slightly too big. If it was tighter, the pattern would come out much better, no? So I am actually considering to unravel the whole thing. Luckily I have at least made her a neck warmer already which I will show in the next post. Probably. But for now. Good night.





Happy New Year

For me end of August beginning of September has always been the start of a new year, pupil, student, teacher, then a bit of a blurry break where I never new which month we are in, then mother of nursery / school children.

So it would be a good time to look back at what I have been up to last year (especially as this blog is still not up to date, I owe you a few finished projects) but considering the amount of work lying ahead it makes more sense to have a look at the to do list first and do the sentimental look back when I have a bit more time. Which is most likely in…. never.

Some projects I have already started, for example….

+ lots of new yoga bags, deadline sooner rather than later

IMG_3704Not only I seem to be starting into a new year, the Yogastueble will also start its new term soon so lots of yoga bags are needed. I also want to take the opportunity to refill my etsy shop which is currently empty.

I took a rather industrial approach, making them in batches rather one after the other which means that I have a lot of half finished bags and not a single finished one which is somehow depressing so I might just finally finish some off to make sure I could send them off any day.

+ the cardigan for my auntie, deadline not that important but I really want to tick on thing on my list

IMG_3636I got already the missing last ball of yarn and finished the main body. But the sewing together seems to take more time than the knitting.

+ baby blanket for my future nephew, deadline in about 2 months

IMG_3705Knittingwise I am over halfway through but it will take a while to sew those pieces together.

+ baby blanket for my future baby, deadline in about 2 months

IMG_3706Haven’t quite started that one just yet.

And then there is a whole list of things that I haven’t even started yet.

+ knight costume, using a grey cotton with white dots!, chosen by the knight himself. Deadline in 5 more sleeps (panicking already). It should also come with party preparation and about two cakes

+ small bag for my daughter, no deadline but promised since about May.

+ present for a birthday girl, 5yrs, probably a small bag, deadline in about a week

+ jacket for my nephew’s 4th birthday, deadline mid October

+ shirt for my nephew’s (not the same obviously) 10th birthday, deadline beginning of November

+ two to three dolly carriers for big sisters and brothers of future new born babies, deadline end of October

+ coat for myself made of the beautiful woolen fabric I bought last winter. Deadline somewhere between beginning of November and never I guess(I always come last)

+ bag for myself made of the beautiful waterproof fabric you can see in the yoga bag picture. Deadline: definitely never

+ jumper for meeeee, pattern in my ravelry library since roughly 5000 years): deadline baby vomit free time so definitely not this winter 🙂

+ everything I forgot

As you can see, quite a few things need to be done, but school starts soon so I will have more time for work.

For now, I am quite strict in sewing during day time only (I hate the noise of the machine in the evening, once it is finally quiet) and knitting in the evening or in hospital waiting rooms. I guess this is the main reason why it takes me two weeks already to sew the cardigan together.

Ok, back to work for me, back to enjoying the weekend for you.