Smooth transition

IMG_1537As you can see, it is sort of winter here and hats are urgently needed, so I stopped the miniature project for now and started to knit a few hats.

Well actually, I used these ones as a smooth transition to the new project (as you might remember, I am still suffering from a past hat trauma):

The following two are more grown up sized, I used the super soft Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky with slightly thinner than recommended needles to make sure they will be thick and warm for proper Austrian winter.

A third one is in the making and my husband keeps showing me pictures of pretty hats … No idea, what he is trying to tell me, his birthday is only in June after all. I guess I should give him the link to my shop  🙂

I am also considering to make one for myself for the London version of cold winters, so with bigger needles and without the double layered edge.

I guess the hat trauma is finally overcome.

And remember, there is only one day left to enter the Christmas raffle. Good luck to everyone.


New Years Resolution

Firstly, just a quick reminder that you can still take part in my Christmas raffle if you want to win one of my knits.

Up until today, I was hoping to still be able to fly back home and as I had bought Make them yourself – Christmas crackers to use them at the Family reunion, I thought I could start early with my New Years resolution which is not to be mentally lazy but trying out new things.

So I started to make tiny things to put in the Christmas crackers. To be honest, I came only about half way. I could have knitted a sweater in the same time 🙂

I have made a few finger puppets for all the children in my family.

In theory there is still one missing and I gave the pig already to leaving mother in law as a New Years lucky charm plus the other four got nicked by my own children. So I guess, it’s back to the start.

I have started a bit randomly following cute patterns for a snowman or a snail or just improvise for example a little beer bottle or a bag, this is how far I got in this few and busy days.


I am unsure how to proceed, I might finish the project and just send it to everybody or keep the ones that I have already made for other purposes and stop now as I can tick the box of knitting tiny objects.

I wish you all a “good slide” or Guten Rutsch as we would say and a very Happy and healthy new year.