And the winners are…

The Christmas raffle is over and has picked the winners.

Remember, the prizes were these three items

The order of your posts correspond to the numbers 1 to 9 (First post 1, last post 9)

Under the supervision of my impartial husband, picked the numbers 9, 3 and 8

Christmas Raffle

Congratulations to

Milena, who has won the green cowl

Claus, who has won the hairband

Jane, who has won the phone case

Winners will be notified by email as well.

For all those who haven’t been lucky this time, don’t be sad, there will be other opportunities 🙂

I hope it has been as exiting and fun for you as it has been for me. Thanks for taking part. 🙂

Smooth transition

IMG_1537As you can see, it is sort of winter here and hats are urgently needed, so I stopped the miniature project for now and started to knit a few hats.

Well actually, I used these ones as a smooth transition to the new project (as you might remember, I am still suffering from a past hat trauma):

The following two are more grown up sized, I used the super soft Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky with slightly thinner than recommended needles to make sure they will be thick and warm for proper Austrian winter.

A third one is in the making and my husband keeps showing me pictures of pretty hats … No idea, what he is trying to tell me, his birthday is only in June after all. I guess I should give him the link to my shop  🙂

I am also considering to make one for myself for the London version of cold winters, so with bigger needles and without the double layered edge.

I guess the hat trauma is finally overcome.

And remember, there is only one day left to enter the Christmas raffle. Good luck to everyone.


and the best of it…

Living in between cultures has one big advantage, you can choose the best of both 🙂

So, yesterday, I got presents from Baby Jesus (from my husband a voucher for a trip to a yarn shop where I can buy as much as I can carry 🙂 ) and today it was time for Father Christmas bringing presents.  So I thought it is my turn to give away something. (Ok, the actual plan was to do that as a last Door of my blog advent calendar but I got too busy with my plans having changed so dramatically)

So here is my first ever raffle.

I will be giving away one green super chunky cowl with buttons, one brown moss stitch hairband with flower and one purple phone case.

This is only meant to be a fun Christmas treat so the rules are simple and since this blog hasn’t got too many followers yet, your chances to win are not bad at all:

If you want to take part, just leave a comment (a quick hello will be enough) until the 6/1/2014

Only leave ONE comment, I will delete duplicates

Every real person can take part, a part from my husband (that would be really silly)

I will pick the three lucky winners  on the 7/1/2014 using the random number generator .

I will post the result here and will contact the winners via email (so please make sure you leave your correct email address when taking part)

The result of the raffle draw is final.

The give-aways are not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable for cash

MERRY CHRISTMAS again to all of you, I hope you are all having a lovely time with your family and good luck for the raffle