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Knit me a mountain chain!

This request reminded me a bit of the scene where the narrator meets the little Prince for the first time and gets asked: “Draw me a sheep”.

I did not really take it for serious since it was actually my 7 year old nephew reacting to his slightly annoying aunt trying to be funny by offering to make him the same flowery hairband than for his little sister.

Later my sister told me that he had once asked her to make  him a “beaver river” which she did. So, I realised that rather than just laughing at an idea, I should just think about how to make it come true. I guess that is one of the things that we can really learn from children and I am now in fact really glad my nephew has asked me for a knitted mountain chain for his birthday! And here it is:

mountain chain

mountain chain

It actually reminds me of a particular view from back home. I guess my subconscious was guiding my needles when I tried to shape the top section. I wonder if anybody will recognise it or maybe be reminded of any other particular view?

Here is the link to my ravelry project

I had been looking for a green yarn with a few different shades and finally found the Stylecraft Vision DK. I was expecting shorter sections of the different colours to get patches of different greens rather than the stripes that I actually got. I have also randomly purled a few stitches in between all the knitted ones to get a more uneven structure, representing the different structures of nature – grass, bushes, trees,…

After talking to my sister and my nephew about his play experience with the beaver river, I have decided to keep it really simple so he can play with it as freely as possible and use his obviously very rich imagination to create by himself whatever is missing.

Initially I wanted to even only knit a plain rectangle but I realised that would get bulky and not “fall” nicely if he puts it over a frame or stuffing. So I started to knit in the round, with 4 stitch markers as indication for a  more or less rectangular base. I did then some decreases around the stitch markers, not always in the same place and also changing the direction of the line by alternating k2tog and ssk.



The colour change from green to grey is done over three or four rounds, I then split the whole thing in two half’s and worked to more or less mirrored sides which I sew together in the end to make sure I’ll get sharp  summits.

For the picture I actually stapled a few balls of yarn and a few tissues for the top section. I guess a frame built from lego will work fine too.

I crocheted a few blue and brown chains for rivers and paths…

rivers and paths

rivers and paths

although they do look a bit like giant worms, don’t they.

I am really curious to see or rather hear how this mountain chain will get used and what other little items my nephew will add to play with it. In any case, it has definitely been a fun project!

Spot the difference

Is it the same? No it is not. As I usually order my yarn online I am often unsure which colour to choose and so I tend to buy too much or too similar colours. Anyway, I really liked the first scarf I made for the shop and decided to make one for myself but I chose the slightly brighter orange and green.

And since I really like diagonal knitting for some reason (which obviously works best for stripy pattern), I went for diagonal stripes this time.


It turned out slightly too narrow I would say, next time I will cast on at least 10 stitches more. (Here is the ravelry project)

But I really love the colours and the stripes and I have already gotten lots of compliments for it.

Ok, that was just a quick post about my latest project but the next post (I am already working on it), will be about something much more creative…. so watch out 🙂

It was about time…

IMG_1243bigMay I present the first item knitted by my daughter!

It was about time, as she turned 4 this Monday 🙂

For a long time she was happy to knit with me holding and guiding her hands but lately she often picked my knitting up to continue on her own…… not really to my delight as sometimes I really struggled to get the needles back out of the gordian knot

She has also started to refuse my help when she actually knitted with my permission.

Anyway, my sister got her a knitting fork for her birthday and some very colourful thick yarn.

She started immediately, still in her pyamas, unable to eat her birthday breakfast…. and did not stop until the hairband/bow was finished.

As everyone admired her in nursery, she then made three for her teachers the next morning which were all very appreciated.
But today she informed me that she is done with knitting and that I can continue with the half finished hairband on her fork which she had already promised to make for an other teacher …

Anyway, I got the chance to take a few pictures when she was working and I think it is really a great tool to get started as it is even simpler than a knitting doll.

And as even the teacher were impressed by her skills and the knitting fork, we are invited to show them how to knit (me with two needles, her with the fork), once to only her group but then also during the Friday assembly.

I guess a good way to advertise my knitting classes :)They will all send their mummies to my classes.

Anyway, it made me think about my first steps as a knitter. I do not really remember who showed me first or when. I remember a skirt for a doll knitted in primary school. It grew bigger and bigger as I just couldn’t stop. And there was a vest for myself. My sister made a jumper for herself and I wanted to do the same but my mum suggested a sleeveless version as I was still only in primary school.