bye bye 2015…

Who would have thought,  one more post in 2015! Certainly not me.

I hope you are able to look back happily.

It has been a very intense year, good and not so good things have happened, in my small world as much as in the big world.

Horrible terrorist attacks and refugee crisis but also amazing reaction by people standing up and working together to welcome and help others. A fight to save an excellent nursery in an area who would have needed it. A child starting proper school and loosing 6 teeth. But most importantly 3 babies joining the family! The extended family,  I only had one myself don’t worry.

And since this is a blog about knitting and sewing? I guess it has been a good year too. The fashion course, lots of bags, a couple of children’s clothes. Knitting was a bit less exciting unless you get excited about 196 knitting squares for 4 baby blankets. One of them lost in the mail (or worn by a kangaroo ). Sorry for not linking with the appropriate posts,  I am typing this on my phone – just browse through my past posts.

But the year ended with knitting:

Two quick hats for the non existing winter here in Austria 20151231_154002

And a knitting related lesson, probably still not a learnt one though: you should always wind up the new skein of yarn into a neat ball before getting started


Two helpers have been trying to sort this mess out – they gave up. But my niece went and wound her own skein of yarn up into a nice ball 😊

And now I still have 3 hours to think of a new years resolution … (trying to ignore the messy yarn picture)

Guten Rutsch for now and we’ll see each other next year ☺

Scrap Sunday: A little something

See, I told you I was going to post before the new year and none of you believed it!

I have a little something to show you. I made it out of the content of one of the advent calendar bags:


But lets have a closer look:

IMG_4373A piece of polyester strap material, a pretty woven ribbon, a key ring and a strange clip thingy. At first, I wasn’t sure what this random selection of small pieces was all about but then I realised: A key fob! That’s what I was supposed to make. Well, the key ring was a pretty strong clue 🙂

And the clever person I am I figured out all by myself how to do this. But as the person who has recently poured dry pasta into the bechamel sauce rather than into the pot with boiling water next to it, I  confirmed with wise old internet before getting started.

And voila , five minutes later I had a beautiful key fob and a perfect little Christmas present to be sent to a friend in Italy:


I am not sure if it is a very practical size for a key fob. It is quite long. But I was immediately thinking of something my mum had mentioned during her last visit: It is apparently getting more and more difficult to have a good individual marker on your luggage. All suitcases traveling round and round the conveyor belt at the airport seem to have red ribbons. So this fob might work quite well, maybe with a bigger ring to slide it around the handle.

Or it could work well as a wrist strap for a clutch. I was actually already trying to find these clip thingies but I don’t know how to even call them. And surprisingly ebay doesn’t know them as clip thingies.

I guess whilst the new year is still faaaaar away, lets not go crazy postingwise and I will just take the opportunity now to wish you all a “good slide into the new year” (That’s what we say in German before the 1st of January) :)!


Merry Christmas

First of all I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas. I hope you can enjoy these days with your family and friends.

We had a very nice evening yesterday with “Christkind” delivering lots of presents and today I managed to cook a three course meal (first course was kind of left overs put on a plate nicely – not planned but my daughter was really keen on several courses 🙂 I had thought that Beef Wellington would be challenging enough)

I guess Christmas time has started with the first advent and continued nicely with our advent calendars. IMG_2787

This year I had filled the children’s one with craft stuff and we had a few nice mornings decorating stars, building snowmen….

And i was really pleased with mine, if you remember.


I had been a little unsure when I ordered it as it was a rather pricey adventure from a shop that I didn’t know and where I hadn’t ordered from yet.

I ordered the “advent calendar for mum with daughter and son” and I could give details about age of children, favourite materials and colours and dislikes and I think i got a really carefully selected choice of goodies ranging from a post card with a sewing related quote over useful tools and pieces of haberdashery to fabrics. And I think it was really worth the money. I do not want to give you a detailed list as this would spoil it for anybody who would ever consider to order the same but just admire this picture of the pile of fabric I have got:


Some pieces were really short but over the whole width of 150cm, others were longer but only probably 70cm wide, on some occasions i even got two matching pieces.

I guess the shop owner always had a certain project in mind (for a baby boy or a 6 year old girl,…). I would have most likely not chosen any of the fabrics myself (as you might have noticed 😉 the pile is unusually blue for me) but they are really all lovely and this is what makes this advent calendar so great. Not only was I back to the childhood excitement of opening a surprise every morning but I also got really nice things that complement the stuff that I already have rather than being a copy of it. It will be very exciting to use up these fabrics (which technically have left over sizes 🙂 so something to look forward on Sundays ) – The question will be if I ever manage to use them up before the next advent calendar needs to be ordered.

Anyway, Christmas is not quite over yet. We will stay in London for a few more days where we will actually be able to chill and meet friends for relaxed play dates before we fly over to Austria to stare at green mountains and dreaming of skiing whilst enjoying the company of my family and eating lots of Christmas biscuits and all the other good things that my mum is going to prepare for her always hungry breastfeeding daughter.

I hope you are experiencing equally enjoyable moments. Merry Christmas! (No happy new year yet, you see I am planning to post again before 2016 🙂 )




Rechanneling your creativity

As it is already taking me 6 weeks to knit one fingerless glove … to be fair, I have just started the second one …one that is actually unsuitable material- and sizewise for the person intended but nevermind … Ok, where was I? I better start from the beginning.

As it is already taking me 6 weeks to knit one fingerless glove, I have apparently started to use my creative energy in other sectors of my life…. you know, general things like tidyness, cleanliness of newborn clothes, diet of young children and mothers and stuff like that. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to illustrate those creative outbursts but I took one from the fruit platter I had to take to school for their Christmas party:


I am rather pleased with the result and there hasn’t even been too much early morning swearing involved, really.

As the school holidays are starting today, I am expecting to have much more free time in the next couple of days so I will surely be posting a lot….. It is about time that the 6 year old learns to take care of her brothers, no?!